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Red Star and other hardware

Article about: The Order of the Patriotic War appears to be a 1985 Jubilee issue of the award in 2nd Class, sadly unresearchable, however, did you obtain the Order Book that came with it? These were awarde

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    Default Red Star and other hardware

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    Cool Scout, what's the story here? .......or just some soviet eye candy for us?


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    No paticular story apart form the usual, Dan
    Picked up the Red star etc on one of my travels to the East.
    Wanted a Schaska for the longest time, but was always outbid...or outsmarted.
    I went to Poland for an antiques fair and noticed a Schaska in very good but used condition with scabbard and MN bayonet.
    Seller and I haggled the price down to where the seller wouldnt go any further.
    I had a plan as cunning as a weasel (I thought) and said, that I would have to think about it at that price point and would be back.
    I thought that would make the seller go a bit lower, when I returned five-ten minutes later.
    Much to my chagrin, I discovered, that the sabre was snapped up by another buyer, as soon as I turned my back.
    In disgust I pretty much gave up on these and just put in a bid for three sabres and a Kindjal at a later date, not really expecting to take ownership of any of them.
    Turned out, I got both Schaskas and further more, the seller of the other sabre and Kindjal wrote me and asked if I was interested in the two blades, as the highest bidder had reneged on the deal
    Red Star is number 1582793.
    Patriotric War order is number 5443698.
    Both have the screw-on backs. I really like these two. They are good quality and not so flimsy as many other USSR decorations.
    I seem to remember a place to research these decorations. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Default Re: Red Star and other hardware

    As Maxwell Smart would say, "missed it by THAT much" ....... but it all worked out in the end, eh?
    Outside of my field but impressive items nonetheless .......those Russians sure do nice work!
    Cheers, Dan

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    Default Re: Red Star and other hardware

    It did work out, yep
    And yes, sometiemes they do some nice work.
    Now to get the order The Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, The Order of Alexander Nevsky, The Order of Ushakov, The Order of Nakhimov and...and..and....

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    Default Re: Red Star and other hardware

    I hope you have deep pockets or are willing to sell your house.

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    But on a more serious note, Im not really into collecting Russian decorations, so must likely will settle for these and what ever else I find in flea markets in the East.
    Ill leave the expensive stuff for the heavy hitters.
    It was never my intention to buy even these, but just had to have them, when I saw them.
    When last in Poland I got some Polish decorations and unit insignia for not a lot of money, but then they most likely were not expensive to begin with.

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    Default Re: Red Star and other hardware

    I believe, and someone please correct me if I am wrong, that one of the stars you show above may be Serbian or Yugoslavian, similar to the ones shown below. . .
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	serbian obverse.jpg 
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Size:	67.3 KB 
ID:	333730   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	yugoslavian stars obverse.jpg 
Views:	118 
Size:	86.8 KB 
ID:	333729  

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    Default Re: Red Star and other hardware

    You might well be right, Bill.
    I look forward to hearing more!

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    Default Re: Red Star and other hardware

    It is a Yugoslav Officers cap badge.

    Cheers, Ade.
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