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Red Star Type 4 Var. 1 #67586

Article about: Hi everyone. Soz little while ago Marcel posted a link that is really helpful when trying to identify what type/variant a red star is, and wether or not the details are ok. I will post the l

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    And the worst part is that he just had to drop one of my most expensive pieces, as this red star is such a low serial #!

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    Sorry to read this.
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    Leave it as is, if you really want to restore it, you can get in touch with
    He either does it himself or has someone do a good job on restoring the rays (will cost you more than the order).

    I had a friend looking at my order of nevsky and this guy drops it on the floor in front of me. I was about to get my shovel, luckily no damage. After that, they can look behind a glass frame!

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    Leave it as it is. It's not that bad after all.
    Keep it in a safe place, handle it with care (with gloves preferably) and if you have to show it to somebody don't hand it over...

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    Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers

    I got this researched from Auke, with absolutely amazing results (although sadly not for Continuation War, but probably the next best thing)!

    Edit: once I get back from school I will post the research

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    Auke is the man for the job!
    I did my research with him and luckily my document had a photo of the awerdee

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    Sorry to hear and see what happened.
    Did you manage to find the enamel pieces?
    It may be possible to do a good repair puzzling together and bonding with epoxy. Use acetone to wipe off the excess while semi hardened. It can give almost invisible repair

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    Hi. Sadly, the enamel shattered into a million pieces.

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    Here’s the research that I got from Auke.

    This ORS was awarded to Sergeant Alexei Gavrilovich Belikov of the 135th Guards Artillery Regiment (I believe, check the documentation and please correct me if I’m wrong), 24th Army, Don Front. He was born in Bryansk, Russia and was called into action from Uzbekistan (perhaps he was Uzbek?). He commanded an artillery gun and was very successful during the Battle of Stalingrad, and was awarded for his actions. Here is the award decree, fully translated via my dad: "While fighting the German occupants, [Belikov] had shown heroism and skills to defeat the enemy. As a commander of an artillery gun, he achieved the top level of performance by his crew. While actively engaging the enemy, he was able to train the Gunner of his artillery cannon. He had displayed personal courage and valor, continuing to effectively engage the enemy while being under constant Aerial Bombardment and artillery fire while heroically fighting at the Kotluban Region. From 9/17-10/20/42 the artillery gun of comrade Belikov had destroyed up to 200 Nazi soldiers, 2 tanks, 8 machine guns, 3 artillery pieces, and 5 mortars". Belikov was supposed to be awarded this medal in 1942, but only received it in 1945, which makes me believe that he was possibly MIA for a few years? I will post the documents down below..

    Red Star Type 4 Var. 1 #67586Red Star Type 4 Var. 1 #67586Red Star Type 4 Var. 1 #67586Red Star Type 4 Var. 1 #67586
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