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Article about: Who knows more about this bagde ? Maker, authenticity and material ? Was there handed over a B type too ? Hermann Fimpel

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    Default Class Olympia Badge 1936 Class Olympia Badge Class Olympia Badge Class Olympia Badge 1936Who knows more about this bagde ? Maker, authenticity and material ?
    Was there handed over a B type too ?
    Hermann Fimpel

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    I could be wrong but it looks ok to me the fakes are not normally riveted.

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    Looks good to me as well, but its not my field.

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    Do you mean not normally riveted with these small rivets ? Hermann Fimpel

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    Default 36 Olympic 1st Class

    Would not be for me- sorry. Originals were die-struck (looking at the soft back of this one leads me to believe it is cast rather than struck), in gilded bronze with glass enamels. They were made by Zimmermann and maybe one more company but the details of the one you posted do not match with known originals. Color is off (plated instead of gilded), rivets are wrong, loop shape is off. There are other details that also do not match but that should give you an idea as well as a starting point to more research.
    Good luck in your quest- as this award is rather rare- it will not be an easy one.
    Pics for reference.
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    A heap of these on ioffer. Worth a comparison.

    Hope this helps


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    Very intersting informations, thanks a lot, I'am going to search now for more detailed informations.
    If Zimmermann produced one type won't there another company producing it a bit different ?

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    Yes, but the one you posted pictures of is not it.
    In fact it is one of the reproductions under the link Dave provided selling for little over $1000.
    I am not aware of any "B Type" of this award and to the best of my knowledge the recipient was awarded with one specimen and the option of buying another privately which more often than not was just another example of the exact same award.
    The fact that we can assign some of those to Zimmermann is the fact that some were found in what used to be burned out Zimmermann factory.
    None of the ones I have seen come marked and neither are the cases.
    I believe another company (S+L if memory serves) was responsible for producing those as well but again- the one you show does not match with it.
    Reason that we can assign some of those to another company is the fact that it is shown in their period catalog.
    Hope this helps
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