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2 medals

Article about: Hi guys is there any chance of getting a quick second opinions on these medals that i have been offered . They look good to me but as Adrian says its better to ask for another opinion before

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    They both look totally unissued and straight out of the packets. A rare sight these days! Nice job! William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I will be happy when they are in my hands. I thought it was a good deal to
    The guy seemed great but you Know what this internet is like I might have been dealing with fat Tony in the Simpsons lol.

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    Well done. A damn nice pair of awards those two are!



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    Both are good IMO too. Stewy

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    Hi guys sorry for bringing this back to the top but i would just like to say a big thanks for all your help.
    They arrived today with no problems and i am well pleased with them , they look like they were made yesterday (hope not). I hope you don,t mind me asking a couple more questions since these are the first ones i,ve handled.
    The ostmedal has not got one bubble on it, does this mean thatís its made of buntmetal (what is buntmetal) also the silver wash is grey in colour is that just age, the ribbon is 185mm long.
    The KVK has a ribbon 130mm long and is their anyway of telling if its solid bronze or if its got a bronze wash on on zinc when it doesnít have a mark on it.
    Thanks Rod

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    The Ost is zinc,i have one similar with a "grey" silver wash in a KIA Kreta group. These are almost all late war,i believe. Stewy

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    Nothing to worry about Rod, the Ost, as Stewy says will be a zinc award, yours has retained the finish exceptionally well. The KVK is a tombak award.

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    Hi and thank for the replies ,the only reason i asked these question was because i happened to come across this link Eastern Front Medal
    Is this another forum if so feel free to delete this post .I am sure its all information you already know

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    I might be wrong Rod, wouldn't be the first time! No problem posting links to another forum either.

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    Hello Rod,

    Glad that you received them and that all is in order! You probably know this already, but I shall say it anyway for the benefit of anybody who might consider it, don't try to clean off the "grey" on any of your awards. It's the patina and is a nice sign of age.

    Well done again for acquiring two super awards in fantastic condition, for a cracking price too.



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