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2 medals

Article about: Hi guys is there any chance of getting a quick second opinions on these medals that i have been offered . They look good to me but as Adrian says its better to ask for another opinion before

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    Thanks Karl I wont touch them , Im happy
    Heres the link i found on the KVK about being made of differant materials War Merit Cross 2nd Class I only ask these questions in order to learn I always hope that I don,t sound dumb lol

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    Quote by carltiger View Post
    Hello Rod,

    Glad that you received them and that all is in order! You probably know this already, but I shall say it anyway for the benefit of anybody who might consider it, don't try to clean off the "grey" on any of your awards. It's the patina and is a nice sign of age.

    Well done again for acquiring two super awards in fantastic condition, for a cracking price too.


    Hi Carl,not all "grey" finish Ost's are grey due to patina. Some like mine are intended to be so. Stewy

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    There is plenty of information here regarding the KVKs too. I've posted a pic several times which shows the differences in finishes and materials.

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    Thanks Adrian i will check that information about the KVKs . I donít know what I was thinking ! of course that information would be on here. I never checked sorry.You do a good job on here I certainly appreciate it.
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    Quote by Neutral View Post
    Very good reproductions
    Would you care to explain?

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    Ok, what makes you say that and can you explain why they're repros please?

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    Quote by Neutral View Post
    They are not genuine ww2 artifacts, they are repros
    As Adrian said, please qualify your response with some fact. If these are indeed bad they really have had a lot of us fooled.

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    Quote by Neutral View Post
    They are showroom condition meaning they were produced not too long ago, they are certainly not 60 years old. just my take my on it, i am allowed to form this opinnion
    Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion and can voice it but it is always easier when you can explain why an opinion has been formed. Condition should not be the deciding factor in determining originality of an item. See below, these awards are in absolute mint condition, I unwrapped them from their original packaging, does this mean they're fake?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 2 medals   2 medals  

    2 medals  

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    They're unissued original pieces straight from their packets. This is why they look so "new"-they've never really been handled with fingers(which ages badges Considerably!) or exposed to that much air-of course they are going to look like newish. They haven't even had their ribbons threaded on. I see Nothing wrong with either. William

    I like that EK2,btw,Adrian. Nice!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I agree with Adrian, mint awards can be found very easily! Doesnt mean they are repro!

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