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2 medals

Article about: Hi guys is there any chance of getting a quick second opinions on these medals that i have been offered . They look good to me but as Adrian says its better to ask for another opinion before

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    Quote by Neutral View Post
    it's impossible for any item to survive so long without showing some sign, of age.
    I will respectfully disagree, my previous post is proof enough that they can. Try a search on the forum or even on Google for 'Deschler Hoard' and see what you find. It is perfectly possible for mint items to retain their original finish and to survive for this amount of time with little or no sign of age.

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    In coin collecting terms, these 2 would be labelled "Brilliant and uncirculated" ...or,now that they've been touched abit-"Almost Uncirculated". William

    And, that's a beauty,Nick...I Want it! lol

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Neutral I once was convinced my self as you are that a black wound badge must be a repo do to an unissued state that it was in but once ths same thing was explained to me as well and the item in question was examined by members that had way more experiance and found to be a nice original piece I have since then learnednot to judge a book by its cover .

    Regards Mark K

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    Neutral. There have been many "hoard finds" in recent years Deschler hoard KVK 1's found in their Spanish villa being one. Also JFS bronze ISA's have been found. A couple of PKA hoards too. Along with countless singular unissued either "bring backs" or just simply unopened awards,possibly & i know so. As a mark of respect to KIA relatives. Many examples reside in collections,including mine. Stewy

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    Quote by Stewy S View Post
    A couple of PKA hoards too.
    Like this one.........
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 2 medals   2 medals  

    2 medals  

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    Thoes are absalutley amazing Adrian that would be an incredible find.

    Regards Mark K

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    Quote by Adrian View Post
    Like this one.........
    Yes like that one. Stewy

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