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any really SAFE internet sellers of 3rd reich medals?

Article about: Hi guys, I am new to this forum. Let me introduce myself: I have been into WWII (especially 3rd Reich) since I was like 8 yrs old and since I was approx 13 I set my eyes on relating militari

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    Default Re: any really SAFE internet sellers of 3rd reich medals?

    As I can say the badges you show are good IMO,
    I will recommend Peter v Luckacs and Espenlaub militaria, due of I know personally Peter and saw the items he sells. And also I advice the Espenlaub militaria and most of the badges and items I've inspected in hands

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: any really SAFE internet sellers of 3rd reich medals?

    Peter v Lukacs Antique Stockholm , second time Very Very Very Fast shipping 4 days Sweden to Canada Amazing !!!! i buy dec 5 and i receive today dec 9
    I will recommend : Peter v Lukacs Antique Stockholm

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    Default Re: any really SAFE internet sellers of 3rd reich medals?

    Hi Arez

    Welcome to the forum, unfortunatly there isn't a seller wich can be trusted 100%, there are people out there that deliberatly sell fakes, but a lot of honest dealers could also be selling repro's without them knowing. But there are sellers wich you can trust for 95% of the time, these would include Espenlaub, Peter Lukas, Detlev Niemann, ...

    I hope this helps, it's never to late to start a nice medal/badge collection.


    Nick VR
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    Default Re: any really SAFE internet sellers of 3rd reich medals?

    The forums are your best resource. Seek out the guys who specialize in one area. Find out who the Visor guys are, the Helmet guys, the Panzer badge guys, etc. Also, and this is the best advice I ever heard, find one area of focus and learn it inside and out. The hobby is too vast to try to conquer it all.. Learn your one area of focus. If you are passionate, you will likely spend hours observing yours and others purchases, and will begin to get a feel for it. There are no shortcuts. The fakers are out to deceive and rob you, and it is up to you to protect yourself.

    Remember, the Reich was around for 12 years, so this stuff, despite dealer sales-speak, is more plentiful than we like to admit. So do not buy because it is a good deal, take your time, bring your prospects to the forum, and ask for help. Chances are it will be there after you get some feedback on your item, unless it is exotic, in which case you are likely not a buyer anyway. (oddly enough, the 'celebrity' dealers are the ones most known for tampering with pieces.. do not get caught up or seek safety in 'guarantees' or 'COAs' ).. A lot of people think that paying more means its a safer play.. That is the surest way to have a collection full of trash. This hobby is littered with these unfortunate stories.

    Additionally, make good decisions when buying. When I first started, I wanted volume and quantity. More more more. When in a store that had a bunch of this stuff, I wanted as much as my budget allowed. That meant buying 4 items in bad condition, instead of 1 item in great condition. Luckily, I was advised to only by the nicest, because the time will come when you will sell, and the nice always moves, the beat-up you will be lucky to give away.

    You are a young guy, and most of the collectors are older and will be enthusiastic to help a new guy. That being said, there are the types who will befriend you, attempt to take you under their wing, only to monopolize your hobby dollars and peddle you bad stuff. The forums really are for the collector. So good luck, ask a lot of questions, and remember that we police and protect our own, so most of the time, especially for the usual common stuff, the safest place to buy is the forums own for-sale sections..

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    Default Re: any really SAFE internet sellers of 3rd reich medals?

    Tx made a very good post.

    I am new to the forum and new to collecting although like you have read a great deal and research thoroughly all aspects of WW1 and 2.

    I would say if you see something you like, post a question about the item with pictures for the real guys on here to give their honest opinion.....I think they have already saved me a few pennies! Oh and also helped timeline some things I already own!!

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    Default Re: any really SAFE internet sellers of 3rd reich medals?

    TxGauleiter, thanks for your advices... the situation of a beginner collector - which I am - is EXACTLY as you described...

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    Default Re: any really SAFE internet sellers of 3rd reich medals?

    Tx gave us really good adivce and I am almost agree his point of view!!
    As a young, new guy, 22, homework is inevitable !! And, yes! if you decided to keep this hobby as a life-long thing~ ~ ~ well....your fake database need to be updated anytime.....because "Shit happens all the time" good luck!!!!


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    Default Re: any really SAFE internet sellers of 3rd reich medals?

    Quote by Ben Evans View Post
    I would say that no seller is 100%, always do your homework and double check on forums if you can and get opinions, that way you will stand a less chance of getting stung!
    I agree. With the level of fakery today, a dealer has to specialize in only one area to be on top of the game (and that isn't always foolproof). Most dealers cannot afford to offer only one area (ie strictly visors or strictly daggers, etc). The key is to get a return policy, and have the item reviewed on the forum before or after purchase.

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    Default Re: any really SAFE internet sellers of 3rd reich medals?

    The advise you have received is sound. For those of us who started collecting years ago, we did not have access to the internet, which these days is making the craft of the fakers more difficult. If you get stung, it is part of paying your dues. Listen and learn. Identify who the people are who have knowledge. There are many false prophets in 3rd Reich collecting. Learn who these people are also.Good luck and welcome aboard.


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