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Anyone know what this badge is

Article about: Hi everyone,i've been offered this badge and to be honest i've not come across one before.Basically what is it and what would be a fair price to offer for it (if original).Only been a member

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    Each of those pins is as straight as an arrow. These badges just magically aged wihtout the pins ever being used!

    There's a whole lot more...I'm just pointing out the most glaring problems.

    You may need to download the photos and re-open them in your photo editor. That's how you'll be able to enlarge and see fine details clearly, such as sanding marks/striations, burnishing striations (on 090, 210), etc.

    Best Regards

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    Default Re: Anyone know what this badge is

    I was alway very dubious of these, especially knowing where they came from. Nicely presented case Luther.

    I would strongly advise the member who bought one of these to seek a refund.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Anyone know what this badge is

    Hello All,

    Here's some other stuff.

    Enlarge the eagles wings on (228). The parallel lines you see on both wings are not friciton lines from cleaning off dirt, those are sanding lines!

    Enlarge Turck & Tweer Ludenscheid on (090). It is clearly visible that the letters are double-die - similar to the famous 1955 double - die Lincoln cent, just not as extreme. Look where the light is brightest at lower left. You can see a bunch of vertical die polishing lines. Now look around the pin, there are left-to-right burnishing lines under that aged color!

    And what is that horizontal line of paint at mid-breast level on (090) running across both wings? Just as I pointed out earlier, the way these things are produced, there should be no red paint on the high points. Look at the finish blemishes above the eagle's head and below its left wing.

    Every example - 090, 210, 228, and 260 were struck from the same dies. Measure the distance from the wingtips to the inner rim and the distance from the H in Heeres and E in Abnahme to the wingtips. They're all precisely the same! Now I know someone is going to argue, hey rare rating, small production-run badge. Therefore, all from same die...

    The aging on 090. Why is the reverse aged much more than the obverse! I know from looking at badges that both the front and back age equally.

    The same aging issue exists with 260. Front doesn't correspond with the back. And the obverse of 260 has that same chemically-induced oxidation-film as the reverse of 210.

    Finally, the Abnahme Inspektors were OKW, RLM, etc. recruited, specially trained and carefully assigned officials protecting the interests of both the army, luftwaffe, etc. and the nation. They were placed in factories to administer, supervise and guarantee the prescribed technical standards of the entire production process from raw materials to final goods output. Therefore, I think they would have been assigned identification badges more inline with their important status. At the very least, those numbers on the reverses should be on the fronts - just like virtually every factory guard badge I've seen, except for one - a Dornier Winmar factory badge with assigned number stamped on the reverse.

    Some will argue here, but be forwarned I can and will produce sanctioned examples by the likes of the Reichsbank, Ministerium of Finance, and Reichs Aviation Ministry - that support my claim. Right now I just don't feel like uploading all those photos.

    Inspektors - whether they were Marinewaffenamt, Luftwaffenamt, or Heereswaffenamt, were vital - no - absolutely critical to the war effort. They were invested with a tremendous amount of authority. What and how they "expressed" their authority is unknown at this time. I'm researching it. Yet, I can tell you everyone who was promoted to the Waffenamts - from Inspektor to Direktor - were given an Urkunde signed by departmental administrators at the highest levels. Raider, Funk, Goring, etc. - which I think is reflective of the high importance assigned the position.

    Did you know there were even Hern Inspektors? Don't know what that is? Do some digging, you'll learn...and perhaps even think differently about Third Reich military operations.

    Counterfeiters...Shame, for shame....

    Best Regards

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