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Anzul medaille orginal ?

Article about: Looks to me like a Spanish made copy from the 1980's.

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    Default Anzul medaille orginal ?

    Anzul medaille orginal ?Anzul medaille orginal ?Anzul medaille orginal ?

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    No maker code on the ring.

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    Anzul medaille orginal ?Maybe a 4 ??

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    Maybe a 4 ???

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    Not a medal I'm knowledgeable in, but one can distinguish authenticity by looking up a original, paying attention to every detail, then vigorously comparing the known original to yours. Make sure to pay very close attention to the Lettering and objects found within the medal. This is usually were errors will be discovered in a reproduction. Good luck with your search and welcome.

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    Look at the letter 'N' in 'DIVISION', it's back to front.

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    Quote by Adrian View Post
    Look at the letter 'N' in 'DIVISION', it's back to front.
    I, too, noticed that.

    Read post #9 please Daarom. It is easy to see your medal is fake. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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    Here are two original examples, one made by the Spanish, and the other by the Germans.
    You will also find within this thread, again, the known fake which displays the backwards "N". All this was easily found by using the search engine in a matter of seconds.

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    For comparison, my example bears no such backwards 'N'.

    Anzul medaille orginal ? Anzul medaille orginal ?

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    Wow, I noticed as soon as he got a definitive answer, he signed offline. He was, however, online to see all the comments posted thus far. No please at the beginning, nor a thank you after help was rendered. Oh well, not too uncommon.

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    He has been gracious in his other threads so let's not be too damning, I think English is not his native language either.

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