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Case DK in gold

Article about: Thats`s cool from you Terry,but the auction will ending in one hour.Personaly i have not a good feeling with this case.Some things that i like not.I will pass on it i think.Maybe it is possi

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    Thats`s cool from you Terry,but the auction will ending in one hour.Personaly i have not a good feeling with this case.Some things that i like not.I will pass on it i think.Maybe it is possible a case for a 1957 German cross?

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    Yeah I would leave if you don't feel good about it.. I know these cases ain't that cheap & you don't want to get stung!!!.. Cheers Terry.

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    Hi Guys,

    My case is the common large format case, I just measured it and it's 108mm x 108mm x 27mm deep. The hinge is a typical 1 piece piano type and the button is the same as Terry's. Zimmermann made a slightly different sized case for their 'heavy' model that was a little bigger at around 112mm square by 24mm deep, but they also used the same type as mine, probably for the 'light' crosses. Let's remember that Zimmermann shared parts with Klein, so why not the cases as well?

    The one that Joe has here doesn't sit comfortably with me. The two hinges at the back are known to have been used post war, but may also be late war, so I can't be absolutely sure. The leatherette covering that's rubbed off looks more paper like than middle war cases, not as good quality and again, either late or post war.

    The main thing I really don't like is the button. On wartime issue cases they are either the same as the one Tel shows, or a 'mushroom' type. The one on the case above is either a later replacement, or the whole thing is at best post war but possibly even reproduction. Here's a pic of a repro one available at most re enactment specialist shops, they are still apparently made by the original makers according to the 'blurb', but i'm not so sure....Retail price is around $25-$35.

    It maybe a good case with a later repaired catch, or post war made using some wartime parts, or completely bogus. I personally wouldn't bother, there are too many issues that concern me, but hey, I might be wrong....

    Regards, Ned.
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    Well said Ned...Best left alone unless 100% happy..otherwise it could be a box.....Cheers Terry.

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    Thank you Ned for your input.I share your opinion,that it could be possible a 1957 case,or a complete fake case.I will pass for it!Thank you guys for the help!

    Regarding the Klein crosses:My information is,that "Klein" produced not own parts for the german cross.All parts was coming from Zimmermann and Klein build the parts only together and make his maker mark (134) on the reverse of his crosses.

    However,it`s not really my collecting field,but for sure a very interesting field.I want often in the past buy the book from Dietrich about this crosses.Maybe in the future,i will spend more time to study this crosses and cases.I was only looking for a case for my unmarked Juncker german cross in gold.


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