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Coastal Artillery (Keigsabeichen Marineartillerie)badge fake ?

Article about: Someone posted this online , looks like a cast fake to me . Please help

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    Who throws brass padlocks into fires?? lol

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Circuit advertisement Coastal Artillery (Keigsabeichen Marineartillerie)badge fake ?
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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    Who throws brass padlocks into fires?? lol
    I reckon it'd been on there unopened for at least 30 years before I moved in, it was still attached to the hasp, the key lost to time eons ago.
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    It's called Science , Willian we all know Ned is a mad scientist in his spare time .

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    I agree with Martinw & Ned,original badly corroded.

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    Hi, Martin really knows his KM awards and I for one only "aspire" to get close to his knowledge. That said I also feel that this is a good original award that has been badly distorted by heat damage. Ned has also hit the nail on the head with his thoughts as ever. Another case of experience and knowledge being a real benefit to this forum on a harder to call award! Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    You're too kind Leon but it would be interesting to have a little more history behind this piece.

    Alas,we do not..

    As in the other forum,i think Ned hit it with the probability of this badge being exposed to extreme heat and possibly ground dug too adding to what we agree to as "corrosion".

    I guess we will never know the story,but still it is a fine piece of history i think.


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    Thank you all for your replies , this being real was a big surprise to me . But live and learn , and this badges colorful past can only be guessed at .

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    I learned a lot in this thread. Hard to believe this award survived such torture but the clasp matches other examples as noted. At first glance it does look like a cast fake. Another reason why front and back photos are so important. An interesting thread! NH

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    Wow, another good example of how important this forum and our learned members are. This is interesting reading with a great ending.

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    The badge could have been on a uniform burnt at cessation of hostilities...
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