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De-Nazified combat badges: Original?

Article about: Good morning everyone :-) What are your thoughts on this de-Nazified Luftwaffe FLAK badge? (Flakkampf-Abze​ichen der Luftwaffe entnazifiziert) and WH Infanterie Sturmabzeichen AbzeR

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    Quote by DAZZA3483 View Post
    it personally saddens me to see these awards altered in any way,shape or form.
    You get no argument from me on that, but they are what they are and show in the only way possible for many their continuing use in the post war period. The medals do look better when it has not been done to them, but no use crying over spilt milk as the old saying goes and they still have a historical value and to those who collect them, they obviously still have a commercial value as otherwise they would be free.

    I also realise that in some cases they were denazed for other reasons, or at least certain other items were, such as tunics & caps having their eagles removed or sometimes just the swaz, but in those cases it is usually easier to restore them, whilst with the medals, once it has been done it is an irreversible process and I can sympathise with those who think the process has ruined them, but they are still historical artifacts and how many helmet collectors for instance would not buy an example with the swaz or runes removed -OK I know some purists would not-, many would I am sure or one with a pickaxe hole in it, plenty would I think and any number of other items that might have had similar treatment.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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