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Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.

Article about: Thanks for the new pic's Kev. Whilst they still don't show what really needs to be seen in detail, (why is it so hard to take straight on shots?) the two flaws at the 11 o'clock position of

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    Default Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.

    i like this but dont want to get slaughtered againDeutsche Kreuz in Gold.Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.
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    Hello Kev, these seem like awfully dark images for such a high end item. Are there only these two pics? If u were selling one, I would take more than just two pictures, but then again, we aren't all good photographers!

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    Kevin I agree with Dean on this ...A 2000 award needs lots more snaps... Cheers Terry.

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    A raised pin shot would be good if possible.

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    It has Promise, but Absolutely more close ups and brighter photos are needed.

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    Better pics would really help you in making a decision. I like the piece! Is it maker marked under the pin?

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    It appears to be a Zimmermann cross, possibly a "heavy" version as the catch MAY be soldered directly to the rear plate rather than on a rectangular plate that is recessed, but these pictures are no way good enough to form a proper opinion once AGAIN....

    Talking of the rear plate, the narrow, saw like cuts that define the rays are not seen on genuine DK's of any kind from known makers, they should be wider, but it may be the angle of the pic or distortion of the image that makes it look that way, so again, better images required. Also the catch end of the pin is not pointed as it is with all other Zimmermann/Klein crosses and that combined with the strange appearance of the rear plate and total waste of time, inadequate pictures would make me walk away from this one with no difficulty as it stands.

    If you can Kevin, please try and get better pictures, as we all know how poor initial photo's of the "dotted date" cross you bought not long ago was the start of a previous unnecessary fiasco.

    Regards, Ned.
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    I think he is pulling pictures from online auction listings, some small houses are not super responsive to questions that entail more rummaging and work, especially for hyper picky TR types, and usually they won't make any judgments on authenticity, for obvious reasons. All part of the gamble in the effort to buy low and sell high IMO.

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    Though I agree that these photos aren't enough for a decisive answer, it certainly looks promising to me!

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    Default more pics deutsche in gold

    Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.

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