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Deutscher Adlerorden.

Article about: I have seen this medal and I am interested. I would just like some opinions on it whilst I do my own research. Thanks in advance.

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    I think I will pass on this one. Look at the large picture of the front. At the bottom is a dink which looks like it has deformed the medal slightly. Considering the value of these medals, I feel its prudent as I'm not 100%.

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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    I think these are supposed to have '.800' or '.835' silver content marks on the rim.
    The medal ribbons should have the stripe as shown on the #2, but the
    higher grades of cross awards do not.

    There were 'crossed swords' varieties too.........

    These can be fairly expensive so be very cautious !
    Thanks for the info Steve

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Quote by Wolfspear View Post
    Thanks for the info Steve

    Thank you, Nick.

    I was looking at one of these about 6 years ago too, and I recall trying to do some research on it
    back then. It was the same kind of ribbon - no stripe - where the medal versions are
    supposed to have this feature.
    I could not justify the $575 price tag when I was still unsure if it was an original
    or not, so I passed on it. There was this 'gut feeling' that something was
    not right with it...........!


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    The details seem good, although do not finish I liking that mark that can see surrounded by a red circle…

    could be a defect of the smelting of the medal when trying to copy it. It seems to have the correct details, but this type of medals of 1943 norms, used to make in zinc with bath of silver, that normally appears worn away, in their medal seems to be made in silver like the medals of the decree of 1937 with gothic legend, by this detail does not finish I liking absolutely… can see if in the curtain ring exists the marking " 30"?

    The band is a reproduction and is correct… the silver medal did not have the white central line that if that had the bronze medals.

    An example of a medal of the order of the German eagle in silver, made in zinc of my collection

    Maker mark 30:

    I recommend our forum to him on the Order of the German Eagle:
    Foro Gratis : Adlerorden

    He is not correct that the authentic medals must have marking 800 of the quality of the silver. The medals in silver with Latin legend only have marking 30 in the curtain ring and the medals in silver with gothic legend have marking (,835 PR. Münzen Berlin

    I can be mistaken, but I believe that its medal is false. ...A very good copy, but a fake in my opinion

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    Default Re: Deutscher Adlerorden.

    Thank you for the additional information and link.

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