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Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?

Article about: Hi collectors! I don’t have any experience with DKiG and would really appreciate if some of you could help me determine whether this is an original piece or not? I haven’t closed the deal ye

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    Only 330€ !!??

    I'll be extremely careful, you know, I have never seen an Original marked ST&L German cross, yours has good details sure but honestly why someone would want to sell it for only 330€ ?

    To me it's insane.. most times when the price is too good to be true IT IS ��

    ***But if you really want one that looks like an original (and may be original after all 》 ST&L was the maker that made less German crosses = they are extremely rare and not well documented) hell buy it ! 330€ seems good for that quality.


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    Yes, at 330€ it’s cheap (unless it’s a poor chinese copy worth 0).

    I won it at an auction, where I had set my maximum bid to 600€ (the amount I was willing to gamble), since it looked like it could be real. Since the seller clearly stated that it is a original period piece, I would have zero issues with my concience not following through and paying, should it prove to NOT be an original.

    I figured; hey, this might be my one shot at a real bargain! The one everyone tells stories about.

    Of course I would have been happier if it would’ve been a crystal clear case of a period piece on here, but at least it’s not ”way bad”. 330€ for something antique, made from original dies, that might even be period issue? I’ll still sleep on it, but right now I’m leaning towards paying up. At least this way I’ll have a nice antique in my collection, with some mystery to it as opposed to a modern day chinese replica - I really want a DKiG in my collection but won’t be able to afford one for 2500€ for the foreseeable future. This might be the best I can get until I win the lottery!

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    Better put those 330 (1/7 from the original price) aside & start sparing up the rest, it will take time, maybe long time, maybe very long time, but at the end You will finish with these ~2300 euro which will convert in to original! German Cross in gold. It will be worth it, believe me. Otherwise You will buy it now, but later when You "bulck up" You will regret it.
    Patience is key to sucess!

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    There is no record of one ever being awarded from this maker according to Mr Maerz book "The German Cross"

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    So I went ahead with the deal and received the cross today.

    The controversy regarding whether Steinhauer & Lück manufactured their crosses before 1945 or not aside: Could you, based on these hopefully better pictures, please help determine whether this is at least a original S&L or not?

    Your help would as always be much appreciated!

    Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?
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    Maker mark does not look good to me . It is in a square not a rectangle box . Cross looks artificially aged IMO . Pics from Maerz book .

    Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?

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    Oh no, this didn’t start too well... Well, thank you for having a look!

    I did a search on the makers mark and it looks like this one, by S&L to me:

    Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse with maker mark 4 for review


    About the aging: There is something going on with the cross, that’s for sure, but to me it looks like it could have been a bad cleaning attempt?

    Also, looking at my pictures: I feel like the spotlight might not be doing it any favors in this regard; it looks somewhat different in hand. I’ll try to make some better daylight pictures now that we have a few hours of sun here (Sweden).

    I don’t know, it’s just that ”everything” else about the cross seems genuine? Detail, materials ...

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    Here are two additional pictures, with natural light. The first one has slightly raised exposure, the second one is all natural (cloudy day today).

    Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - Any good?

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    This cross does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I have collected DKs for a long time and I have never added an S&L type for the myriad of reasons stated. This cross has several issues including the maker stamp. I would save my money and would even prefer a nice cloth version over this one. One thing I have learned over my 48 years of collecting, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


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    Thank you for commenting! Could you please tell me more about the issues you see with it, aside from the stamp? I’d like to learn as much as I can about recognizing bad items.

    I’ve spent a lot of time by now reading everything and anyhting I can throughout the internet, but I don’t seem to find definitive answers. Maerz book seems like a very interesting read, but getting a hold of a copy for a reasonable price seems near impossible...

    One thing I have heard about, but can’t seem to find details of for instance, is a ”die flaw”, concerning the date of some (?) S&L crosses? Can you maybe tell me more about that or even point me towards an example of what it looks like?

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