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DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

Article about: Before I answer, I would be interested to hear more replies: come on guys, have a go! Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi Tom, you got it

    I think the story about the "West Point" crosses is really shameful.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Thanks Ade. I think what was done is totally disgusting! Cough up or prison time. What a choice.

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    Default Re: DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

    Ok to dispell any myths about this "cross"

    There were only 20 examples ever produced by Rath, the Munich jeweller commissioned by Hitler. These 20 examples were stored in the Schloss, near Berchtesgaden, until the wars end, where they appear to have been liberated by the US troops. 3 of the known 20 reside in the west point museum. There are only 15 recorded examples in the world today.

    Each cross was slightly different from its predecessor, The "cases" were bought in, rather than manufactured, which accounts for the slight differences in styles. The rivets to the reverse are all consistent with each other, and the one I photographed is in keeping with the rest. It had 96 diamonds, The wear was consistent. The construction and quality was there, and because each cross was hand made, and assembled differently, the weight was within its specifications (between 70-90 grms) yes, a heavy one. The example shown at the beginning of this thread, I owned, and I bought it as a copy. It was not a cheap buy, costing over 800, but as long as I sold it as a "copy", I'd feel ok about it. After all, where can you find another?

    Sadly, and I feel very bad about this, the "dealer" that offered and bought it from me for 1200, did not sell it on to his US customer as a copy. It was obscene as far as I'm concerned. But I cannot be held responsible for anothers actions.

    So the badge in this thread is indeed a "copy " one. however, the points that were raised by a few members about the slackness of the swastika, and the box etc, cannot be founded in this case. When you have a piece that is so far off the track, and I think it was Kris that said this. "there is no such thing as textbook"

    It was without doubt a beautiful cross, I hope that everyone got something from this thread, I know I did.
    Thanks to all who contributed.

    Oh, how did I know it was a copy? 2 things gave it away The diamonds were Cubic Zirconias and the 1941 was too thick (it should have been thinner)

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    Default Re: DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

    Thanks John for a very enjoyable thread Always nice to get people taking part and thinking.

    An original was for sale last year for $75,000/60,000 Euros.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

    hi john , great thread mate , i`ve learnt a bit more which is super , . any thought`s on this example ?
    cheers al
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    Default Re: DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

    See John. Got there in the end. Stewy S

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    Default Re: DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

    Hi Al, I have seen this one before, so I won't play.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

    Well I will jump in and say that I have had it in hand and photopraphed it(these images are my photos) and believe it to be original in my opinion. I have also had 2 others in hand and they both came from reliable sources and were both the same, with in the normal tolerances.


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    Default Re: DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

    A great Thread of learning there

    That has to be one of the most beautiful orders of the TR !

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

    To be honest, and i always am

    If I had to lay money on that one, I'd say it was a good one, the quality is much better

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    Default Re: DKiG with Diamonds ........Real or Fake?

    Just wondering but whos the member with the original??

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