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Does this Mutterkreuz in Bronze look good?

Article about: I don't know whether or not it's a fake ad, but these do occasionally come up for sale at around that price. It's a good price for one with the ribbon, though, in my opinion.

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    Default Does this Mutterkreuz in Bronze look good?

    Guy on wants $35 for it, which is an awesome price to me. But does it look original? I'm not so great at identifying mother's crosses.

    Also, I'm posting a War Merit cross in the other forum for review
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    Circuit advertisement Does this Mutterkreuz in Bronze look good?
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    All looks good to me. Nice price too.

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    looks very good.

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    No problems with this, an original piece and a nice touch to also have the hook and eye fastening.

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    Thanks for the replies fellas. I've been seeking a mutterkreuz for around $30 to $35 for awhile now. Waiting for the seller to respond. Haven't had much luck with getting decent deals on wehrmacht-awards! Seems like if you don't grab it up within 5 minutes of listing then you'll miss it.

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    I agree although more like 2 minutes (lol). Nice mutterkreuz , i have never seen the hook and eye fasteners before , great condition. Hope you get it mate.

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    Nice one Railway! I hope you get it!

    There are many around even at that price however

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    Nice cross and the fastening is a nice variant.

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    Seller is periodically checking his private messages, but ignores mine. The listing is most likely fake. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Haven't ever seen another mutterkreuz for sale for less than $60 shipped.

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I don't really know what to look for with these as far as real/fake. The only thing I know is to look for the centering of the swastika. The fakes generally have a floating swastika.

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