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German orders - fake or real?

Article about: I hope too I collect badges and orders since 3 month, so I don't have a big collection. Probably EK Spange, Flandernkreuz and Olympische Medaille are fake, but I'm not sure.

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    Default German orders - fake or real?

    i'm a new users on this forum. I have a few questions about my orders. I've doubt, if my orders are real.

    1. Schnellboot mod. 1

    2. Schnellboot mod. 2

    3. Flotten-Kriegsabzeichen

    4. Panzerkampfabzeichen

    5. Krim

    6. Kuban

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    Circuit advertisement German orders - fake or real?
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    Default Re: German orders - fake or real?

    Hi and welcome to the forum!
    Sorry, all fake IMO. Lack of detail.


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    Default Re: German orders - fake or real?

    Thank You for the fast answer and confirmation of my doubts. Can You write more about each order?

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    Default Re: German orders - fake or real?

    Quote by Zernifin View Post
    Thank You for the fast answer and confirmation of my doubts. Can You write more about each order?
    It's just my opinion.
    The pros will be here soon enough, to answer your question.
    Meanwhile, search forum for some good examples and compare them.


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    Default Re: German orders - fake or real?

    I've compared with good examples and I must agree with You. Now I see the differences


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    Default Re: German orders - fake or real?

    Very poor detail, especially on the High Seas Fleet badge

    A warm welcome to the forum by the way

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    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: German orders - fake or real?

    Thank You for opinion and greeting
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    Default Re: German orders - fake or real?

    Hi Zernifin, welcome to the forum and thank you for posting your badges.
    I'll try and help out with a few of them......

    Schnellboot Kriegsabzeichen 1st pattern.

    This one is a fake, the only manufacturer who made these was Schwerin and they should all be pretty much identical. This one is a fake and it differs in the details from an original badge. The shape of the boat, the details on the boat, the wreath and the apparent thickness of the badge. From the back you will see the trimming outlines are wrong and the makers mark is in the wrong place. The mark is an integral part of the die used to make the badge and therefore the makers mark should always be in the same place.

    Schnellboot Kriegsabzeichen 2nd pattern.

    A fake badge unfortunately and again, the details are just not correct for an original Schwerin Badge. The waves, the boat, the eagle and the wreath all have differences compared to a known original. From the back, the hinge, pin and catch are wrong, as is the makers mark. It is too small and the font is wrong also. The trimming outlines are too indistinct and soft, and the overall outline when viewed from the reverse is different from known original badges.


    Looks good from the front, minor details let it down though. From the back the outline again is too soft, and the edges are blurred, a cast fake.


    Not much to say about this one, soft details on the front and from the back it is obvious to see the evidence of a poorly cast fake badge. The horrible casting flaws are clearly visible behind the gun and the body of the tank.

    I will let those with more experience of the shields pick up on these as they will be able to point out the finer points. For the record, I believe these to be reproductions too due to the soft details.

    I'm sorry there was no better news for you and I hope it doesn't put you off collecting. Everyone has and will make a mistake or two during their collecting lives but at least you're in the right place to make sure it doesn't happen again!

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    Default Re: German orders - fake or real?

    Hi Adrian
    Your opinion is very helpful! Yesterday I've compared this bagdes with original (from photos) and a diffrences are obvious. Your text confirm my conviction that these badges are fake.

    A dishonest seller sold me badges other than in offer. On photos original - in real fake. Tomorrow I will talk with him.

    By the way - it's not my all collection, only a part. It doesn't put off my collecting Thanks for a support!

    Sorry for my english, if is bad. I'm learning now.

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    Default Re: German orders - fake or real?

    Your English is better than my Polish! I hope you get your money back and avoid iOffer in the future! Please post some more of your collection, we would be pleased to see it.

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