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Gold ccc

Article about: Sure looks like a bronze to me.

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    Sure looks like a bronze to me.

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    Seems like this might be a tricky one. I thought i was original because of the aging, like the eaten away bits and rust etc etc. The quality and the pin.

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    Bronze? If you have it in your hand it looks gold. I can't really seem to get a good enough photo... If you enlarge these photos here the colour is gold. Are you sure it's bronze?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Gold ccc   Gold ccc  

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    To tell you the full story, the guy that had this up for sale had these pics. I bought the item for $65 AU, instead of sending me that one in the pictures below. He sent me the one i'm asking you fellas about.
    Now i'm sorta worried. This one isn't gold? But its original right?
    I hope i wasn't ripped off
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Gold ccc   Gold ccc  

    Gold ccc  

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    To tell you the truth, that alone shows you have been ripped off, or at least blatantly lied to. The item you paid for is not what you received, and that my friend is fraud....

    Get your money back if you can, and be patient, you may have to pay a bit more than what you have here, but at the end of the day, you get's what you pay for, and I wouldn't pay for that with the knowledge I was screwed. Looks like he showed a gold(thats been knackered) and sent you a bronze(in poor condition)

    Regards, Ned.
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    The one in the photos in the hand looks dodgy as. It appears that the area where the grenade head has corroded away is also gold? It may well be original but has been touched up in my opinion.

    The original piece posted looks to be a good (albeit bronze) 1.1.1 four-crimp, wire catch, large font version. I suspect it is a bright bronze brennlack finish that is giving the appearance of gold.

    For $65, i'd be happy with the bronze.

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    Ok, thanks for the replies. I'm abit disapointed that it wasn't gold. I thought i had 1 in 600. Oh well.. Looks like i have 1 in 36 400 Big ned, i definitly agree with you there. But i would say it would be annoying sending things back and forth.
    The way i look at it is how glen looks at it. 65 AU isn't that bad for a pretty good bronze one. Atleast its original.
    Thanks guys.

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    Your one is a bright bronze A.G.M.u.K large font with indented crimp backplate IMO. Stewy

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    From the pictures above of the 'gold' badge in the hand, is it possible to determine originality? The badge looks like it's been melted and if that level of corrosion is genuine, doesn't the finish look a little too good to be original?

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    Ok I may be wrong here but on the The Collector's Guild same maker They have one that looks way differn't than the one in the first pic, first has raised mark and Pet's @ the guild is stamped, back plate is not crimped the same and catch is also not the same ???
    I like the second one better IMO
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