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Gold Cross Help -- Real or Fantasy?

Article about: I would appreciate any help identifying this item. I can not find it in my limited ref. materials. Supposed to be a bring back but I do not know the couple who are selling (both about 70 and

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    Richard, the loss of the Red Cross motif on the chest means it is a completely different award !
    Not being a Third Reich collector (Bundeswehr & 1957 awards) I was perplexed by this omission of the Red Cross motif on your and Snyder's medal...
    It is an "Ehrenzeichen für deutsche Volkspflege" award, this series of medals and awards are very simlar to the DRK awards, see image..............therefore this changes things considerably ! Lets see if any one else can confirm originality of the cross you originally showed, I only knew about DRK awards because I had obtained a couple of 57er versions................apologies, there's always something new to learn in this hobby !
    Prost ! Steve.
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    After seeing the pictures I do not like the cross either. As said, I believe originals were just fire gilted (like with a Mother's Cross or KM awards).


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    I thank every one that helped me, I have decided I will not pursue these as all the other 30 - 40 pieces were smalls and some of the eagles both metal and cloth did not show any use so he got them from supply depots or they are fakes he picked up after the war. I sometimes mess up on what I think I know alittle about so no need to spend even near the $1,000. he wants. I won't be crazy over these that I know I don't Know. Thanks again Richard the old retired guy in FL.

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