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got this krimschield ...good or bad

Article about: Annoyed from this ads?   Views: 0 Size: 97.8 KB class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG /> any help will be welcome gr andreas

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    Default got this krimschield ...good or bad

    got this krimschield ...good or badgot this krimschield ...good or badgot this krimschield ...good or bad

    any help will be welcome

    gr andreas

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    Circuit advertisement got this krimschield ...good or bad
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    It has the correct Coast lines for sure and town dots look normal. That is normally the first thing i look at on these, and after first looks i am liking this piece

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    Hi Andreas,

    It's not a JFS shield, and for that matter it doesn't match any of the other 13 makers known and unknown and their variants from what I can see. I would go as far to say that it may well be a fantasy design, as nothing on it matches genuine shields when all the sum of it's parts are examined together. The soft definition all around, especially the coast, islands and inlets is a big no-no.

    Regards, Ned.
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    Hello Andreas,
    Please observe the rules set forth by Admin. and post photos properly using this site's photo hosting software or this thread will be closed.
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    Ahhh! I see it now Ned. Dang your good

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    Hi, the first red flag for me is the colour of the base metal, a very odd brown, then the soft lines of the awards detail. I am with Ned that this is a fake award. Leon.
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