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I need your opinion about this badge.

Article about: Hello to everyone Few days ago i bought this German badge from an antique shop in North Russia. I just start to collect German military items and i am not specialist at all. Possibly its a c

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    Default Re: I need your opinion about this badge.

    that's correct from what i've been reading after HPL2008 pointed me in the right direction.

    they were produced by Waechtler u. Lange.

    there is an authentic one currently for sale on a dealer site for 7500 Euro. at least i would hope it's authentic. but i'm in no position to evaluate these things giving this is the first i've seen.

    7500 Euro is a chunk of change.

    i could have a nice old school vacation at the Kempinski and a couple of trips to Die Deutsche Oper and more on that.

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    Default Re: I need your opinion about this badge.

    Few more detailed close ups
    Those photos could be helpful to study the techniques of the copy makers to avoid such items in the future.
    Dont you think?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Α.jpg 
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Name:	Β.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Γ.jpg 
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Name:	Δ.jpg 
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    Default Re: I need your opinion about this badge.

    Well, your new photos show something completely different. This is a prime example on how photography can lie. However , they say Assmann never made this badge, if thats true, their is no way your badge is authentic.

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    Default Re: I need your opinion about this badge.

    hmm i think Wagriff mentioned that Assman did make these badges ...

    Do you think that some additinal pics are nessesary for further study ?

    The funny thing is that i am searching at net to find some pics of the back side of an original Badge but its impossible !
    And unfortunatelly i dont have any bibliography on my hands

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    Jörg Nimmergut's book "German Militaria 1800-1945" features an Assman marked badge in .800 Silver. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the book or photo's in this book, but I'm sure there are others here who do that can look it up.

    "Orden & Ehrenzeichen: Deutschland 1800-1945" is the German title of the book needed. It was published in 1991 and again in 2008 by Battenberg Verlag Label der H.Gietl Verlag & Publikationsservice.
    Maybe Friederich-Berthold might have a copy? He has an enormous library of reference material-or perhaps HPL2008?
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    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: I need your opinion about this badge.

    Apologizes, this is what I was referring to. I, too, have never seen this badge, so I do not know. It was also stated this badge never appeared in the Assmann catalogue, which may, or may not be correct.

    -- I believe there were only made by Wachter and Lange? - Saladin

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    Default Re: I need your opinion about this badge.

    there's one for sale over on Kai's site.

    you can see the back there.

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    Default Re: I need your opinion about this badge.

    i don't want to just copy his pics and put them up here, but if you look in the "Highlights" section, you'll find it if you scroll down a little.

    now that i see the new pics of the OP's badge, i see what could be "8519" and not, "815g" as i earlier speculated. these apparently has a Verliehungsnummer and that could be what that is. the example i've referred you to is a W&L. if indeed this badge is made by Assmann as well, we'd need to see the back of an Assmann badge.
    or if someone could come along and comment that has themselves seen one.

    still don't like the way that hinge is set, but you can never claim such a defect could never slip through QC. these are valuable badges and were it mine, i'd have some issues with it but i wouldn't go tossing it to the wind until i knew a lot more. a side-by-side comparison with an Assman badge or the book Wagriff mentions would be ideal.

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    Hello All,
    below is a picture of the badge from Detlev Niemanns catalogue number 3
    I have the Nimmergut's Deutschland Orden and Ehrenzeichen 1800-1945 but my 1991version only pictures the front of the badge and mentions it is made from aluminium and silvered.
    Perhaps it is the later edition that mentions the Assmann 800 marked badge.
    The badge that started the thread has an incorrect Assmann 'A' anyway, it should have two vertical pieces at the ends of the crossarm. I have never seen an Assmann mark like the one posted.

    Back to the picture below you will note that the pin and hinge has slipped on this example as well (I have not seen the one on Kai Winklers site to compare)

    Hope this helps
    All the best
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    Default Re: I need your opinion about this badge.

    I have got on to Kai's site and note it is the bottom hook plate that has slipped and not the top as pictured above.
    I also note that the one listed is Aluminium copper coated and then silvered.
    Perhaps the hook and hinge are applied at the point of the copper coating going on and it is when the silver plate goes that the hook or hinge plate are slipping? just a thought.
    Hope this helps in futures IDs
    All the best

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