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I need your opinion about this badge.

Article about: Hello to everyone Few days ago i bought this German badge from an antique shop in North Russia. I just start to collect German military items and i am not specialist at all. Possibly its a c

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    Hello Nikos, What do you plan to do with this badge? I would like to see it and examine it in hand, if you do not intend to keep it.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Circuit advertisement I need your opinion about this badge.
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    Hi Nikos,

    To answer your questions:
    "what is the criteria for a copies maker to create a copy of a non popular and "famous" badge?" - sorry I don't quite understand your question here.
    "who was the manufacturer of this particular badge"- judging by the quality of it- anyone really.
    "fact that the badge was found in Murmansk- Russia gives any conclusion"- no, it does not. Perhaps made in that part of the globe?
    "is there any sources referring to the Assmann candidate badges for the party that finally never used for awarding"- no, none that I am aware of. It remains a possibility technically but no evidence to back it up. If it did exist it would be unnumbered (as in never awarded) and would for the most part be in an unworn condition. Personally I do not think Assmann made any of them- prototypes or not.
    Even Deschler pieces seem to be using W&L fronts combined with Deschler versos.
    Incredibly uncommon badge to come across (the real one that is).


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    he may correct me if i am wrong, but i took his meaning to be: what would be the motivation for a faker to copy a badge which is not well known.

    the answer, if i understand correctly, is the value of the real thing. the real thing is quite valuable and therein lies the motivation.

    i would agree with his feeling that it is a very interesting thread from which i have learned a thing or two. and i thank him for posting.

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    Thanks for the answers Matt.
    Tempelhof you are right this was my question.
    I wanted to say why a faker to risk and spend his time creating an accurate copy of something that most of the people dont know (except a specialist collector which finally is the only one who can recognize the difference between an original and a fake !)

    Wagriff.. well.. i am not a fanatic collector of German militaria at all.
    It sounds interresting to be examined from someone who knows more. I dont know...
    What do you suggest?


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    Hi Malko,

    Extreme rarity of the piece in question and the high price tag these pieces carry on the open market are more than enough of a stimulant for any unscrupulous person to try and cash out on making reproductions of it. How many fake Eastern Front medals does one need to sell to make $7K? I would think few hundred. Or one of the above badges.
    Fortunately for us, Gau OstPreussen is probably the hardest Gau Decoration to counterfeit due to its unusual construction.

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    Is the Winkler piece considered genuine? That dealer does have the odd shady high value item from time to time (SS tuxedo badge anyone?) so I view all of his 'rare' offerings with more than a hint of suspicion.

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    The badge from Winkler's website is original. So is his Gau Wartheland.

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