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Identify this badge/emblem on holster?

Article about: I don't know yet. It is pinned to the holster and a piece of thin red leather is glued over the tab or whatever, on the inside. I suppose I could maybe remove it and then reattach it by care

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    Default Identify this badge/emblem on holster?

    I am looking to identify this emblem that is attached to a Mauser pistol holster. Presumbably it may have been attached after the pistol was captured. For a few years I have sent out inquiries to dealers but no one has identified it and I don't have the reference books that might contain this item. Perhaps it is too obscure or rare but I am giving this forum a try. Thankyou.
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    Default Re: Identify this badge/emblem on holster?


    It is not any Third Reich issued badge, but a private addition. I think it is very attractive and I would love to havee it, in my collection. Every holster that I have ever seen, that was decorated, was done so by the American soldier that took it. I have never seen any period photos of Germans wereing decorated holsters.

    Bob Hritz

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    Default Re: Identify this badge/emblem on holster?

    Thankyou. I suspected it might be something non military and I know that an officer would not have attached that to the holster. The holster is a rather small brown affair that is unmarked as per maker or owner. It contained a matching .25 cal. Mauser pistol that is in excellent condition except for some wear on high spots from the holster. The bore is shiny and new looking. However the extra magazine is missing and I put in a postwar aftermarket mag just to fill the slot in the holster. I do not store the gun in the holster for obvious reasons. Sadly I was unable to establish provenance of the exact source of the outfit.

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    Default Re: Identify this badge/emblem on holster?

    I have heard that German soldiers on the Eastern Front would sometimes put Soviet stars on their holster flaps, but I have never seen a photo to substantiate this. Has anyone seen one?


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    Default Re: Identify this badge/emblem on holster?

    Some german soldiers on the Ostfront also put a red star on their wallet.
    I've seen one in the past. But i have never seen a pic showing one on the holster. I don't know if this insignia is civilian or military, but the edelweiss, the leaves, and the eagle's head have roots in both worlds....
    This insignia looks a bit like a "mix" between the GJ and the sniper badges.

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Default Re: Identify this badge/emblem on holster?

    Thanks. I have posted a picture of the Mauser and the holster together in the firearms section of the forum also. Too bad I could not speak to the person this originated from, might have cleared up the mystery. Guess I may never know. But it cannot be the only one ever made. Well made detailed emblem like that must have had some good purpose.

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    Default Re: Identify this badge/emblem on holster?

    Hi Tom2

    I can't comment on the authenticity of this item but I love the design of it. Like others said it could be a private 'add on' made by the officer in question...


    Nick VR

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    Default Re: Identify this badge/emblem on holster?

    It looks a little like the snipers badge with the addition of an Edelweiss.
    Could it be one a Donation or Propaganda badge that were produced in their hundreds?
    Unfortunately I don't think there's any detailed reference books on the propaganda badges.

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    Default Re: Identify this badge/emblem on holster?

    Yes I was hoping that the "vegetation" on the emblem might at least regionalise it to some degree. I've no idea if this was a capture item or something bartered for during occupation or what. My understanging at the time it was being sold was that the original owner was in ill health forcing the sale of this item among others, therefore there is apparently no hope of interviewing the original owner to get facts. Well in itself the pistol is a very nice example of a small caliber type often carried by officers, alledgedly. Is a bit disappointing that it is seemingly so rare or obscure. Even a more common emblem that could be identified would be more interesting. Presumably there is a significance to each element of the design.

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    Default Re: Identify this badge/emblem on holster?

    Tom2, are there any marks on reverse side of the badge?

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