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Just bought this "Battlefield worn" Kreta Cufftitle :)

Article about: Just bought this hard worn Kreta Cufftitle Award which belonged to Obergefreiter Karl Eisenkeller of the Luftwaffe Paratrooper Branch. The cufftitle is uniform removed. Eisenkeller removed i

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    Default Re: Just bought this "Battlefield worn" Kreta Cufftitle :)

    Hello there,

    There is no doubt that the cuff title is authentic but I hope you didn't have to pay a premium for the thought that it belonged to the individual.

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    Circuit advertisement Just bought this "Battlefield worn" Kreta Cufftitle :)
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    Default Re: Just bought this "Battlefield worn" Kreta Cufftitle :)

    I agree with Ade on this one. The cufftitle is original and has damage consistent with those found in Poland but I'm always sceptical of photocopied documents that accompany original awards, hence my earlier question.
    I find it hard to understand how an original cufftitle was removed from the uniform as a keepsake yet the documents have gone awol but they have been photocopied.

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    Default Re: Just bought this "Battlefield worn" Kreta Cufftitle :)

    Hi Jan,i cannot comment on the origins of your cuff title but I can tell you that the family must have since sold the documents as I have two of them! I just happened to chance on your thread whilst searching the web for Karl Eisenfeller.The documents I have are for the fallshirmschutzabzeichen and the EK1. In your photos you can see the fallschirmshutzabzeichen document is exactly the same as the one I own but I cannot see the other one well enough to identify it.The two documents had been glued to card when I obtained them which is a pity, Such a shame this wonderful group of documents has been split up!! Leon.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Just bought this "Battlefield worn" Kreta Cufftitle :)   Just bought this "Battlefield worn" Kreta Cufftitle :)  

    Attached Images Attached Images Just bought this "Battlefield worn" Kreta Cufftitle :) 
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    Hi there gents,

    The opinions You guys have given are great and of course worth some serious consideration I bought the Kreta cufftitle from Military Antiques Stockholm and have always trusted them. Regarding this specific ärmelband having belonged to Eisenfeller I have to admit I just jumped on it. No big deal if it wasnt his in the first place. Ade I have to admit that it looks alot like the rat chewn ärmelbands from the lot You mentioned.



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