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Kriegsmarine cloth DKiG for review

Article about: Hello, I have recently bought what was supposed to be a cloth KM Deutsche Kreuz in Gold, but after it came and after I compared it to my previously-owned one I have some doubts that it might

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    And here is the "panzer" from previous owner's other thread here:
    with blue color level increased in the software. It's obvious that the backing is very dark blue, for me, whatever someone says,
    as if the black color contains blue shades than the swastika would also be blue when the level of the blue is increased.

    It's not easy to say based on the photos on computer screens, but software helps a lot usually and cannot be tricked ;-).

    So, what everyone voted as panzer is, obviously, a real KM Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.

    Kriegsmarine cloth DKiG for review

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    Andjelo , the one i show here in this link Cloth DKiG KM or Panzer ? is definitely a Black Panzer , it is not dark blue as when in hand the backing is as black as the swaz !!

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    I know it LOOKS black, just as many of my KM insignia and uniforms looks black, but when you increase the level of the blue color in the cloth, if it's black than there is just a slight increase of blue color, barely visible, and here it's just like navy-blue. I am not an expert and I don't like that word at all, but I am checking KM items all the time.

    So, apart of this one, I am still waiting for the proof that KM used grey-blue color as a backing on their DKiGs.

    Here is a dark blue Collani tunic, Dutch made. It looks black on the photos, it even looks black in hand and it's hard to tell the difference. First photo original from the seller's auction, second with increased blue color.
    Kriegsmarine cloth DKiG for reviewKriegsmarine cloth DKiG for review

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    Btw. Dietrich Maetz was on the WAF forum but is not replying even if I asked him politely to do so.
    His experience and reputation is high, so it should be easy for him to answer a few questions from an ordinary collector like me.

    Why he don't want to do so, I can only guess. I will ask him privately again, and let's see.

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    Well let's ask the members who own a 100% genuine Black Panzer Deutsche Kreuz in Gold too post up there photo's & see what they look like with your test !

    I can't believe that Dietrich Maerz who is a so called bible on these crosses , would say the one you have is a type 1 early Kriegsmarine one when it is not I would trust his judgement on these any day .

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    I'd also like to make a test. Dies in many old colors do tend to be blueish, and as I said I am not an expert. I'll try to find some photos of approved panzer and compare them topgether with the same test. Need a fe minutes for that.

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    Here is the one listed as Panzer on eMedals page and yours.
    The results are saying for themselves ;-)

    Kriegsmarine cloth DKiG for review

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    This photo of your DKiG is not the one I have already posted. I have used the priginal one, merged it with eMedals one and increased the blue color.
    You can put a watermark and I'll repeat if you suspect, no problem, I know how it feels when you find out something you hope is not.

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    Normal blue level and increased blue level.

    Red lines are to show it's the same photo.

    Kriegsmarine cloth DKiG for reviewKriegsmarine cloth DKiG for review

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    With another one from WAF here, and the results are the same:
    Panzer Deutsche Kreuz in Gold, with naval backing - Militaria Forums

    So called "naval backing" mentioned in that thread is the inner layer under the front backing cloth visible when the award is sewn to the tunic, so it can be in different colors as it's not visible.
    What counts is a front, visible backing cloth color.

    Kriegsmarine cloth DKiG for review
    Kriegsmarine cloth DKiG for review

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