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Article about: Hi, Iam more a SS collector, but I found this KRIMSHIELD, my question of course, is it Original? Thanks in advance

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    I had a look at this one yesterday and before posting, just wanted some confirmation from other shield collectors. Assuming it's magnetic/sheet metal, it's an original shield and quite rare.

    The lack of detail on area's like the eagles head is probably due to a worn die.


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    Well that's good're absolutely positive?

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    Quote by carlsson1982 View Post
    Well that's good're absolutely positive?
    Well....can't say for sure, but I quite like it and not a fake I've ever seen before.

    Talk about putting your head on a block...


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    Yes, It makes a good impression to me, It's not because there's some weared-off details that It's 100% a fake.

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    Quote by carlsson1982 View Post
    couldn't that be wear or something? because some insignia's that was found in water has also that kind of weared off details?
    can look at?
    It could be wear but if so you need to ask why the eagles head, which is not the highest point on the badge, is worn yet other high points are still crisply detailed. Also, the ends of the eagles wings are chipped with what looks like sharp edges. If the eagles head is worn down and the details fuzzy, why have these chips still maintained the sharp edges on the places you would expect them to wear smoothly?
    Die wear? Possibly, but again, why is it just the eagles head that's worn and no other areas?
    I'm not calling it either way, just trying to point out a few details to consider.
    I hope it is real but like I said earlier, would rather get a dead cert original example rather than one with any question marks.

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    I'm not a shield collector either, but I'm with Adrian. The eagle's head might get worn down like that if the owner wore a coat over it alot, but more than just the head would be worn. Everything else around it is too sharp. Doesn't make sense. Good luck, I hope it's real, and you get it super cheap!

    Take care,

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    thanks guys.

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