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Article about: Hi, I made the mistake earlier of posting this shield in a combined posting with a Krim shield. Anyways,I am skeptical of this shield as it almost appears to have been spray painted at some

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    I made the mistake earlier of posting this shield in a combined posting with a Krim shield. Anyways,I am skeptical of this shield as it almost appears to have been spray painted at some point but wanted to double check it here. The finish is different than an original example I have in my collection. Any opinions on this shield are greatly appreciated.


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    Thank you for complying!
    It has been repainted at the very least. Even from the small photos it still appears that it has been painted over the rust that exists. Not sure about the three point attachment.
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    Hi Brian,

    I'm not very keen on this one at all, and appears to be or at least copying, a type 5.5 shield by an unknown maker. It's possibly a ground dug item that's as you say been re painted with spray paint or suchlike. The prongs on the rear side are a type I've not seen before and have been crudely spot welded on that has caused the weld to show on the obverse side as I've indicated below. The pitting could be said to be corrosion from it being ground dug or poorly stored, and the prongs fabricated and attached to make it more saleable.


    But personally I think the odds are it's actually a cast fake. Note the varying thicknesses of the outer rim of the reverse side I've indicated, sheet metal is of a singular gauge or thickness, this is not. Shown also is more evidence of the spot welded prongs. These anomalies are often signs that show up on fake SS totenkopf cap skulls that are often found on this forum, and they are always deemed fake, and that's my opinion here I'm afraid.


    Regards, Ned.
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    Ralph, thank you very much for the reply.
    Ned, thank you very much for the very detailed analysis. I really appreciate the level of detail you provided instead of just saying that you believe the item to be fake. This will improve my ability to spot reproductions in the future.



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    imo its a cast fake from the 70s.

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    Thanks for the help guys. It's unfortunate that I'm finding fake after fake when going through the items my uncle gave me. Hoping there's a gem in there somewhere but not holding my breath.



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    I think that it has happened to just about everyone at one time or another, Brian. We have seen supposedly Advanced collections here with Knight's Crosses and more that have been in collections for Decades turn out to be false. Some get very angry and go into denial, but most generally swallow hard and weed out the bad bits and be done with it. The fakers have been at this for a Long time-the war was not even entirely finished yet and fakes and put-togethers began showing up on the market. And they have had 70 years to improve their techniques. Some of them are getting Frighteningly good at it now...

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    Hi Brian, for me this one is a cast fake, the definition is generally quite poor especially where the lower "names" are beside the wall. They are completely blurred and with the other areas Ned has pointed out indicate to me a cast effort. The prongs on the reverse are not of a type I have seen before either. Leon.
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