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Lorient shield opinions......

Article about: I don't think anyone is being jealous or ignorant, there is simply no evidence as to which particular Lorient shield is original or which is fake. If you're happy that yours in original then

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    Default Lorient shield opinions......

    can someone tell me if this Lorient shield is ORIGINAL or FAKE ?

    It is in bad condition but it have an history.
    Come from a french fisherman how did war.
    Lorient shield opinions......

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    Default Re: Lorient shield opinions......

    It's very hard to authenticate any Lorient Shield due to the fact they were unofficially instituted and were made very crudely in the besieged town. I, personnally would be very suspicious of all Lorient Shields, who can say what an original example looks like for sure?
    The example above is a very crude and thinly stamped piece as can be seen by the cracks in the material. It's unlike examples I've seen touted as alleged originals.
    It's one of those where you need to make up your own minds because there is no yardstick by which to measure by.

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    Default Re: Lorient shield opinions......

    i agree with Adrian,,,all Lorient shields should be view with suspicion....

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    Default Re: Lorient shield opinions......

    Especially when French fishermen could easily have bought the fake shields sold on quayside market stalls for years after the war.
    If there are any originals, and I mean originals with undoubted cast iron proof and provenance, direct from the vet, then they would command a premium price. Any found alone such as the above should be treated with extreme suspicion.
    The pieces made during the war (unofficially) were, depending on where you read it, made from anything ranging from copper, old fish cans, the bodywork of cars abandoned in the siege to any old scrap metal lying around the place.
    The shields were apparently given the authorisation to be made by Admiral Henneke who after the war denied any knowledge of them. There was also General Farmbacher who was in control of Lorient who claims they were made around Christmas of 1944 as gifts for his men. Right from the start there is doubt and uncertainty as to the validity of these shields.
    You will either believe in them or not, if you don't then you won't need to worry about spending money on them. If you do believe in them and want an example then be very very careful and get one that you are completely happy with - but don't expect too many others to agree with you!

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    Default Re: Lorient shield opinions......

    Lorient's & Lappland's are pretty much at the owners discretion. Stewy

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    Default Re: Lorient shield opinions......

    Thanks all for comments.
    the origin of my plate is indisputable, but in fact it could be a reproduction from the original matrices.
    hard to tell if a copy because I only know this one.
    I have a book that shows a plate authentic and identical to mine

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    Default Re: Lorient shield opinions......

    Too risky for me.

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    Default Re: Lorient shield opinions......


    i have bought "The Kriegsmarine" from Christopher AILSBY and on page 78, there is exactly the same Lorient shield i have.
    No doudt for me. My own is authentic.

    Lorient shield opinions......


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    Default Re: Lorient shield opinions......

    I think C. Ailsby has been associated with some dubious militaria activities? Publishing fakes to authenticate his own fakes?

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    Default Re: Lorient shield opinions......

    well it's... crazy !
    So, can somewone show us pics of an authentic Lorient shield ?
    Il think, many of collectors who don't have this piece say it's a copy because of jealousy or ignorance.
    many can show copys, no one original... i'ts paradoxical... no ?

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