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Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.

Article about: Any hope for this badge? The poor detail makes me have my doubts, opinions?

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    Default Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.

    Any hope for this badge? The poor detail makes me have my doubts, opinions?

    Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.
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    Default Re: Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge

    I would go with fake just by the fact that there is no detail what so ever to the head of the eagle

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge

    very low quality fake who ever made this didnt even try !!

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.

    Are you guys sure about that or could it be an original that is missing the separately attached eagle which is a thin stamped piece that fits over a basic outline of the eagle moulded into the main part of the badge......................?

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.

    I like the look of the obverse,the catch and hinge seem ok to me.As for the front,the award is missing it's adler that would have been "riveted" on through the hole that currently houses that lovely bead!! Leon.
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    Default Re: Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.

    Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.
    Looks like a gem from a WHW tinnie.

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.

    An odd badge. These Ground Assault badges were never a favorite of mine and always look crude and fake to begin with-even the earlier "good quality" badges. On This one, though, I'm not really liking the cloud and wreath detailings all that much-especially the edge outlines. And the hardware is unusual as well. The hinge, for example, with the oval base plate looks okey, but the catch is located quite high up and looks crudely attached(it may be a replaced catch?). I've never torn apart a 2 piecer of one of these, so I have no clue if the large "well" on the obverse is proper or not but the reverse hole looks good. If asked, I'd say a Very late war produced 2 piece badge by "unknown maker", but, if it was That late war of production, why would it even be a 2 piece rather than a single cast badge to begin with? But, of course, by missing the overlay eagle section, it is, for all sakes and purposes, pretty much worthless to collectors.

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.

    There is a link here to a badge formerly in my collection that is in two parts with the eagle being a thin stamped piece of metal placed over the mold of the eagle on the main badge. The eagles on this type of badge were not detailed as there was no requirement for them to be, the tombak overlay contains the details and hides what's underneath.

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.

    Thanks to everyone who has replied. I had no idea there was an overlay piece.. Thats a very interesting design. Im guessing thats the purpose for the small hole?
    Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe Erdkampfabzeichen.

    That is correct.

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