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Luftwaffe Seekampfabzeichen

Article about: Not sure what this badge is, never mind if its ok or not. Thanks for your help z4.

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    Default Luftwaffe Seekampfabzeichen

    Not sure what this badge is, never mind if its ok or not.

    Thanks for your help z4.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Luftwaffe Seekampfabzeichen  

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    It's a Luftwaffe Sea Battle Badge, Instituted in Jan 1945, some copies of this badge do exsist, but most likely were never issued, and I would say that the one shown is fake for sure, no detail, and very soft

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    The sea battle badge ...... looks a good hinge and crisp stamping.Could be OK.

    Edit - I defer to John's knowledge, what would I know ..... I thought it was OK?

    Cheers, Dan
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    I mainly collect Luftwaffe items and have never seen anything like it. I'm sure the folks on here will let you know.

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    The Luftwaffe Seekampfabzeichen (or Air/Sea rescue badge) is controversial. It was instituted at the end of November 1944. It is subject to debate whether any badges were produced, although Bob Hritz has or had an example that he believes to be one of the few examples that was. I don't know if these badges were awarded on paper or not.

    There's more chance you'll fly the space shuttle than finding an original badge although the example above will undoubtedly catch collectors out because the reverse hardware is quite convincing.

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    Well this is looking good for me Ade as there is no chance of getting me in any space shuttle.

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    For interest, this is the photo the badge was allegedly designed upon.
    Attached Images Attached Images Luftwaffe Seekampfabzeichen 

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    It was one of several Luftwaffe war badges instituted in November 1944 on Göring's orders but there is no proof that it was ever more than a design on paper or, at most, a die-cutter's or engraver's prototype. There are pictures of badges made after the war, based on the wartime design, in most reference books including Angolia's

    It falls into the category of badges like the LW Tank Badge, numbered LW Ground Combat Badges, the LW Close Combat Clasp
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    Well Zepher , your box of things has turned up a real oddity here!! I do like the reverse hinge and rivets but as I have never heard of a historically period piece being produced I would have to say it is post war(especially as so many of the other items you have had from the "hoard"have been fake) It is a very interesting piece all the same!! Thanks for showing it ,Leon.
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    Postwar copy. The original design, as illustrated by an example shown in the Luftwaffen Verordnungsblatt when the creation of the badge was announced, used a larger eagle- the type used on the Luftwaffe Flak Badge, not the smaller eagle from the Ground Assault Badge as used on Postwar Copies and on the 1957 version. This is most likely an early 1957er which has been "re-Nazified" by adding a new eagle/swas.

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