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Medal bar identification chart

Article about: Usefull info, cheers for that!....

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    Usefull info, cheers for that!....
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    Quote by tempelhof View Post
    Gentlemen, a question about this chart if anyone is in a position to answer: i notice the medals are numbered. could simply be for organising the chart. however, i'd like to know if this represents a medal's priority for wear so that there is consistency across ribbon bars worn among personnel as is the case with display of ribbon bars of American personnel.

    American ribbons have "precedence" among the various awards so that the appearance of ribbons on any given bar is ordered as I am sure everyone knows. Does this chart reflect that in the order and numbers as presented on the chart itself?

    If it is, it seems like the order is strange with some rather routine sounding awards being "superior" to some one would think would be of greater weight. However, I suppose it is not impossible that if there is precedence within German ribbon bars they could have used any system they wanted to include even ordering medals based on chronological inception date of the awards themselves.

    If there was "precedence" with regards to display among German awards, is there a resource showing this? apologies for this question if my cursory glance did not disclose it in a pinned thread or elsewhere.
    The numbers on the chart are there to reference against the text and to make it easy to identify the ribbon to the description.

    There is a link in the Useful Reference links thread which lists the order of ribbon priority.

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    Thank you, Adrian.

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    Here's the link I believe Tempelhof. I too, was wondering the same thing. They do seem to follow the same order of Ades list to some degree.

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