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Medal bar identification chart

Article about: Usefull info, cheers for that!....

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    Default Medal bar identification chart

    Thought this would be of service to the new collector for identification purposes. It could also be of use to the advance and senior collector, as it will serve as a way to refresh the memory, and a tool to teach the novice collector, too.
    Medal bar identification chart

    Here is a informative website which will prove useful as well.

    Ribbon Bars

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    Circuit advertisement Medal bar identification chart
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    Thanks for the upload.

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    Great information. I really need this chart. Thanks for posting.
    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Excellent resource. Consider it pinned.

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    I've unpinned it as we already have one such thread in the pinned 'Useful Reference Links' thread which can be seen here.

    I will add a link to this thread in that thread.

    Many members overlook the pinned threads and the content within. They are there for everyone to use and refer to. The Useful Reference Links thread is there for all threads or links that should be pinned because of the information contained as I try to keep the quantity of pinned threads to a minimum to prevent them taking up half the opening page.

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    Thank you all. Hope it's helpful for someone here, and many others in the future.

    "Many members overlook the pinned threads and the content within" - Adrian

    Hey Adrian, I did look through the archives to see if this chart had been posted priorly, and couldn't find anything of its kind. I also didn't see the chart in said thread. Even with it not being there, I am unable to add it due to it's closed, and thought as well that it might serve best to have it in its own thread so that too much information isn't crammed into one place, especially since it can get quite confusing when using the search engine.
    I completely understand your point, however, in regards to space, but maybe you could keep that thread open so that it's possible for members to post references and such.
    Also, Ade's thread is certainly a great informative one, but I think it's considerably different than this one, and is the reason I posted this one too.

    Anyways, just thought it was a great chart, and that it could benefit new collectors who stumble upon it.

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    There is certainly no problem posting the chart, all information is good information and that is why I ask that if such a thread with worthwhile information is posted and members feel it worthy of being 'stuck' then all they have to do is let me know.

    I, and I'm sure many members don't want to open a forum and then have to scroll down past endless pinned threads to near the bottom of the page to find out if there are any new threads, hence the reason for keeping one thread pinned to the top of the page where every thread that should be pinned can be added so we have one pinned thread containing them all.
    The search facility will not be affected by the threads being linked in the one place. Each one can still be found via a search.
    The previous thread with ribbon identification can be seen here. It is not the one started by Ade which deals with something closely related by different.

    The reason the pinned thread is closed is to give me control over what goes in there. If it was a free for all I would spend more time deleting pieces added by people because they think their new minty EK2 is worthy of inclusion or someone else will think a cast fake should be pinned because their blurry photos might be useful to someone.

    I will only add threads that are worthy of being pinned, that is what the thread was started for, it should be seen no different than any other forum instead those 'pinned' threads here are contained in one place not spread down the page. No member is allowed to pin threads randomly across the forum, it is for the site staff to administer in their respective forums and because I choose to do it in a different way than others makes no difference.

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    No problem about the pinned part, just wanted you to know I did search for similar threads prior to posting. Must of missed that one due to its a link and the title isn't the key words I used in the search engine; thanks for the reply.

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    It obviously depends on the words used in the search box. 'Ribbon identification' will bring up the Useful Reference Links thread amongst others where the information is contained including this one, 'ribbon guide' will bring up the same but also the thread that was previously linked.

    Linked threads will make no difference to the search engine which is why I try to title the links differently in that pinned thread so as to cover more bases in terms of wording. If you don't find it one way, you'll find it another.

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    Gentlemen, a question about this chart if anyone is in a position to answer: i notice the medals are numbered. could simply be for organising the chart. however, i'd like to know if this represents a medal's priority for wear so that there is consistency across ribbon bars worn among personnel as is the case with display of ribbon bars of American personnel.

    American ribbons have "precedence" among the various awards so that the appearance of ribbons on any given bar is ordered as I am sure everyone knows. Does this chart reflect that in the order and numbers as presented on the chart itself?

    If it is, it seems like the order is strange with some rather routine sounding awards being "superior" to some one would think would be of greater weight. However, I suppose it is not impossible that if there is precedence within German ribbon bars they could have used any system they wanted to include even ordering medals based on chronological inception date of the awards themselves.

    If there was "precedence" with regards to display among German awards, is there a resource showing this? apologies for this question if my cursory glance did not disclose it in a pinned thread or elsewhere.

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