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medal group being split up

Article about: Hello all, An all too common occurrence in this hobby. William Kramer

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    Default medal group being split up

    I noticed this medal and document group, and the dealer is splitting them up! And there arent many around as it is. This is one thing which makes me angry It belonged to Obergefreiten Georg Spindler. The link is below and the group is in the WHATS NEW section

    Jamie Cross Collectables



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    Circuit advertisement medal group being split up
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    Default Re: medal group being split up

    You could always buy the items and keep them all together if you feel that strongly about it.


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    Default Re: medal group being split up

    I would if i could Rob, its just ashame they have to be seperated. But i guess it just comes down to what people want/need in collecting.



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    Default Re: medal group being split up

    It comes down in the end, to paying the dealer's mortgage, gas bill, feeding his children and other such necessary evils. Dealers are in business to make a living, and a large group is harder to sell, will hang around and tie up capital. You said it yourself, "I would if i could Rob" and most customers have the same limitations.

    I am a retail store manager myself, so maybe I see their side of it more easily


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    Default Re: medal group being split up

    An unfortunate clash between economics and the ideals of collectors. I like to think that rich people find split up groupings for sale and try to buy it all.

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    Default Re: medal group being split up

    Well said Rob, just one of those things, they have to make a living. And i know if i won the lottery i would have a warehouse to house such groups And of course invite all forum members around for a nosey



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    Default Re: medal group being split up

    Its tragic but a sad fact of life I hope they go to a good home

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: medal group being split up

    In reality when you think about it, all of our items come from groupings which have been split up.

    Unfortunately it happens and has always happened. I agree it is very sad to see groups belonging to an individual split up but it's nothing new. I wish all sellers would take a moral oath not to do this but the fact of life is that these things are expensive and not everyone has the spare cash at the moment to afford to buy a complete group just to keep it together.

    I don't like seeing it but it would be hypocritical of any of us to condemn it as we all own pieces that belonged to an individual at some point and therefore that person's 'grouping'.

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    Default Re: medal group being split up

    He is not the only dealer who split up groupings that belong together.
    For example Janssen-Militaria he is a great source for buy photo's and award documents.
    But it is ashame that he split up the groupings.

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    Default Re: medal group being split up

    I have to say it is a shame that items are split, but agree with Ade, as it allows people to pick and choose what they like. If I had a healthier bank account I would be buying all the items anyway, although JCC is a tad on the higher side.

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