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Article about: Hi I stand corrected. Yes the medals are original but this a scam. No more pictures would be needed as even if you do purchase them you wont get them! Thanks Cameron

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    Hi! A seller shows me those medals and how i'm not an expert i would like to know opinions about if they are originals ww itens. Thanks.MedalsMedalsMedalsMedalsMedalsMedalsMedalsMedals
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    The EK2 is a original J.H.Werner.

    In my opinion the medal bar looks "put together". And I not certain on the Mutter Kreuz.

    Though I am no expert.



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    Default Re: Medals

    I don't see any problems with these decorations...I give these items a thumbs up.

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    Default Re: Medals

    I'm afraid to buy something that is not original because it's not cheap for me. Do you really think they're all original? And thanks for help.

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    i dont see anything wrong with any of these medals and awards and you could use the fact that the mutter kreuz is bent on the edges as a barganing tool

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    Hello Cart

    Just to make sure is the seller jp-militaria as these items are from his site just in case someone else has stole his pictures and trying to con you

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    cart DO NOT BUY THESE MEDALS!!!! i thought i had seen the 137 ek2 before i purchased the very same one about a month ago along with 2 others and i double checked the website and there is no other mm 137 crosses on there. Who is selling these? something isnt right ......

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    Default Re: Medals

    i don't see anything wrong here.

    they are good examples.

    edit: better listen to rory and slow down if there is a possibility these pics have been lifted from a dealer site that is no longer offering them. if rory has that EK2 then there doesn't seem to be any way you are being sold an EK2 that can be delivered!

    who is the seller?

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    Default Re: Medals

    Yep no doubt about it thats the very one that i purchased from that dealer, so as tempelhof says they wont be delivering! steer clear from this one! and name and shame mate

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    Default Re: Medals

    Thanks for advise. The site is from Brazil and the seller has a good reputation on a shopping site in Brazil named mercadolivre(like ebay). He direct me to his site where I pic the photos. Here are more photos of his products if it helps. I will ask him to send me another photos of these medals so I can share with you to elucidate the mistery. Thanks for tips and for helping.Attachment 383578Attachment 383579Attachment 383580Attachment 383581Attachment 383582Attachment 383583Attachment 383584Attachment 383585

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