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,,metallwarenfabrik posen, hans dieren,,-welcome in my collection

Article about: hello. i would like proudly to introduce you my new eastern medal. the condition is mint, unissued and looks really beautiful. its not thick like other medals-compared with ,,127,, eastern m

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    It's very hard to say a particular medal is definitely from a particular maker if we don't know what particular maker's medals look like.

    So far we have several variants of medals all from packets which have the same maker's name on them and to say one is definitely from Dieren is impossible. The one marked '19' obviously isn't from this maker.

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    Circuit advertisement ,,metallwarenfabrik posen, hans dieren,,-welcome in my collection
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    From a post on a German-language site. I am not a member so cannot see the photos.

    Erstmal ein paar Randdaten zur Medaille;

    - Bandring ist nicht gepunzt
    - Bandring ist magnetisch
    - Material der Medaille ist Zink
    - Gewicht 16g lt. meiner Küchenwaage

    Band ring is not marked, is magnetic. Zinc medal that weighs 16g.
    See Set Ostmedaille Metallwarenfabrik Posen Hans Dieren

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    Set Ostmedaille metal goods factory poses Hans Dieren
    Hi, I had the rare opportunity to purchase this Ostmedaillen set by the manufacturer "metal goods factory Posen / K. EXP Hans Dieren / Knight Street 17" to acquire. According to the book by Sascha Weber no medals of the packaging bag of Hans Dieren have been able to be assigned. All the more I was pleased that I was able to get a set that was then found directly private. course I find as Ostmedaillen collectors the theme "Hans Dieren" very interesting and made ​​me therefore even bother trying, a bit ' bring light into the darkness "to. First a couple of edge data to medal; - band ring is not hallmarked - band ring is magnetic - material of the coin is zinc - Weight 16g according to my kitchen scale What struck me immediately, the distinctive eagle's head design is what I so only from another manufacturer know -> Carl Wild (107) from Hamburg . . Very interested I have connected my USB microscope and razed a few detail shots of the medal by Hans Dieren and a Ostmedaille by Carl Wild for comparison purposes What should I say, large deviations are not noticed, just a few .... this I have highlighted in red in the images. ask now for me the following questions: - Has Carl Wild from Hamburg possibly collaborated with Hans decoding of poses and it possibly helped out with his embossing tool.? - Does Hans decoding may be from the same stamping die stamping die cutter as relative Carl Wild? - heard the company metallwarenfabrik poses perhaps even Carl Wild from Hamburg? - Or .... is Hans Dieren possibly only been an intermediary who from many bought up several former manufacturers Ostmedaillen and then under his name (packing bags) resold? many questions, I know .... But maybe someone else has here from our ranks a same set, which is here could imagine. Enclosed times the photos of the piece and compare images with a piece of venison. I appreciate your contributions and opinions. Greetings mole-hunter

    Got to love Google translate!!!!

    Semper Fi

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    For me personally, the piece is an original Hans Dieren. Why this piece has no bubbles what actually is typical for the manufacturer, I do not know. But that has nothing to say and it has also given more often.
    However, the band ring was either replaced, or someone has hallmarked the original band ring.

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    thanks steinar. i think thats original hans dieren too but the only mystery for me is ,,19,, marked wiedmann. i bought this set from klaus butschek.

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