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Muttekreuz in Silver

Article about: Remove and sell the ribbon cross is fine. Gently bent open the small silver ring attached to it. Ps: if youre willing to sell i only want that small ring. I have a miniature loyal service th

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    Default Muttekreuz in Silver

    Here is a silver Mother's Cross with an odd ribbon. I was told the ribbon is period made but I have my doubts. Any concerns with originality? It came with a small lot of other items that were original so I'm guessing it's fine. Thanks for any help!
    Muttekreuz in SilverMuttekreuz in SilverMuttekreuz in Silver
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    The Cross is fine but the ribbon is not original to it.

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    The cross looks good but the ribbon is surely home-made

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    This is a made up piece. It's a pocketwatch fob, typically
    used/worn by men. The cross has no business
    being there.........


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    medal ok.

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    Sounds good to me. That ribbon is ugly as hell anyway! To the trash it goes.

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    Quote by naptime View Post
    To the trash it goes.
    Only the ribbon I hope!

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    Haha yes only the ribbon.

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    The fob is also a period piece and of some value on it's own
    - as is the cross. Don't trash it, simply remove the cross
    ( toss the small ring ) and find an original ribbon.

    The fob should have a token or jewel, which
    can easily be found. If you don't want it,
    send it to me.........


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    Quote by naptime View Post
    Sounds good to me. That ribbon is ugly as hell anyway! To the trash it goes.
    I would not trash it yet as there are uses for what appears to be an original watch fob.
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