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My Medal and Coin collection

Article about: Hey there guys! I haven't posted any updates of my collection for a while. I am now mainly focusing on collecting Iron Crosses. My collection now contains the following items: Miniatur Eiser

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    Default My Medal and Coin collection

    Hey there guys! I am collecting German WW2 militaria for a couple of months now, so I wanted to share some pictures with you guys. Its not much yet. A bunch of medals and breast eagles. My Third Reich coin collection is going pretty well. I just need 34 coins and the collection is complete Here are some pics. If you guys want better pics just askAttachment 573870
    Attachment 573883Attachment 573882Attachment 573881Attachment 573880Attachment 573879Attachment 573878Attachment 573877Attachment 573876Attachment 573874Attachment 573873Attachment 573872Attachment 573871Attachment 573884

    P.S. Sorry if I post this in the wrong channel. I didn't know where else to post my collection.
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    Very impressive for a couple of months!...
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    The pics are really bad. Sorry for that. Got a very old phone:P

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    That's a good start to a good collection. As always, better pics are very welcome of the awards and decorations. If you want to post any more of your coin collection the Art/Exotica forum seems to be where most TR coins end up.

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    Thanx Adrian I will do that next time I am going to buy a better camera soon so better pics will come.

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    I posted this in another thread aswell. But for people who collect TR coins, here is an awesome website. With price indications and everything. - Sammlerwerte zu deutschen Mnzen des Dritten Reichs 1933 - 1945

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    Great obsession - I mean collection......... !


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    A very nice collection! You have a nice minty looking EK2 there..whats the betting its a W&L

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Very nice indeed.

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    BTW I am very impressed! It is a W&L EK2. How did you recognize it from that bad photo? Very impressive!

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