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my small collection

Article about: Hi Thanks for the I'd ade ! I look forword too seeing your new itesm the forum is a great place too get items too looked at ! Keep it up ! Kind regards Alex

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    Default my small collection

    Hi guys I know its not much but i just thought I would share my little collection of medals I have managed to accumulate so far . I only started this year and i am not a rich man . So I am only concentrating on the cheaper end of this hobby at the moment. Then i will move up a grade.
    I do find it really interesting and read this forum almost every night and can only dream of having collections like some of you guys.
    When I get a better camera I do have some questions about some of these items which I will post in the future. Some of you already have helped me greatly and for that thanks.
    Anyway here they are. Sorry for the poor pictures but you get the idea.
    my small collection
    my small collectionmy small collection

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    Default Re: my small collection

    Make no apologies for your collection Rod! For a collection only started this year it's a fine start and you have some good items in there. Remember that some members here have been collecting for longer than I've been alive so although some may have more extensive collections, everyone had to start somewhere. You have a solid start to a great hobby.
    The KVM medal at top left has an EK2 ribbon but there are no issues otherwise.

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    Default Re: my small collection

    Very nice collection.

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    Default Re: my small collection

    Lol small wow now i feel sad as my german medal collection is tiny comperd too yours great medals ! All the classics there you are doing very very well ! Love the mothers cross and wounded badges ! Keep it up and keep us informed of your new buys ! What's the next medal on your list ?

    Kind regards

    Ps really like this collection it just looks like you've spent so much time finding these great items !

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    Default Re: my small collection

    Nothing wrong with cheap. I also only started this year and only have 3 EK2's because I am not rich either and here in Aus medals aren't cheap. Wish my collection was like yours!!

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    Default Re: my small collection

    You have a superb collection Rod, well done mate

    Many thanks for showing it!

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: my small collection

    thats a brilliant collection very one has to start somewhere well done


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    Default Re: my small collection


    Could you tell me what the medal above the silver wounded badge is please ? Thank you

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    Default Re: my small collection

    RAD Female Long service medal.

    Cheers, Ade.

    PS: NIce collection Rod.

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    Default Re: my small collection

    Thanks guys for your kind comments I would put a (like) at every post but am sure a thanks here will do.
    Adrian your correct that is a wrong ribbon on that KVM, I just got that the other day and never even noticed that just shows that I am still a novice.
    Alex I don,t know what I will be getting next, what ever comes up at the correct money I suppose.
    I am just going to post some pins tonight that i,ve been offered for comment. Might be them.
    I have managed to get all these without buying anything from a dealer yet. The most i have spent on anything is 31. I enjoy the hunt as well as .
    Ade is right this supposed to be a female RAD 4 year service medal which I will post for comments soon.
    Thanks Rod

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