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Need some help on originality and price!

Article about: by youthcollector1 I'm confused by what you mean. Roxy is suggesting that It's been repainted. The make/year of it doesn't effect this at all. Sorry if I misunderstood Roxy, but I believe he

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    Default Re: Need some help on originality and price!

    Quote by Adrian View Post
    Well Bas,

    As I didn't respond on the thread you started earlier I will give you a few of my thoughts here which I'm sure you won't mind.

    If you think my post #19 is hateful I will put it down to a language barrier or maybe a lack of experience of the forum community on your part. However, your command of English and the type of language you use suggests otherwise. There can be no doubt that my reply (post #19) was not in any way shape or form 'hateful'. I specifically used the smileys to make sure there was no opportunity for you or anyone to take it otherwise.

    It is also worth noting that the members here saved you from a €125 mistake for which I don't believe any of them received a 'thank you' from you. Not only that, you didn't protest on my 'hateful' post until today and in the intervening period of time still asked for my help on authenticating an EK2 which I presume you want to buy. So, how is it that you can interpret post #19 as being hateful, yet you still ask for my help, get it and then decide to start a thread on the forum to condemn my entirely non 'hateful' comments?

    The post which you object to is nothing but fact. You stated that you can spot some fakes, I pointed out that you didn't spot the fake EK2 and ribbon. That is not 'hateful', it is a fact and I have made you aware of it. You have only been collecting for a short amount of time. I've been collecting since before you were born, as have many members here, some have been collecting since before I was born.
    It doesn't pay to get too carried away or sure of yourself or dismiss the advice and comments made here by members with a wealth of experience you can only dream of.

    Gerrit's post was also not 'hateful', it was designed to offer you advice and make you realise that after less than a year of collecting you do not have the experience of others here.

    If you wish to treat members - and I don't mean just me in this way you will find yourself very short of friends and very quickly. Why on earth would anyone want to help you out if their innocent comments are going to be used against them in a childish tantrum when you feel like it. People are trying to help you here and keep you from making an expensive mistake. I wish I had €125 at you age to spend on medals.

    As Nick said in the thread you started, don't bite the hand that feeds you. I suggest a private message to Gerrit apologising to him for the way you openly attacked him on the forum is in order from you.

    Your attitude towards both myself and Gerrit is nothing short of appalling especially when you do this after you've been helped out. You need to take a step back and think about how you've conducted yourself today, how you want to go forward here and your future conduct. Having a bout of sensitivity over nothing as and when you feel like it will not be tolerated I will make that very clear right now.

    My questions above do not need to be answered here on the forum, just in your own mind. I have no time for this and will now get back to discussing militaria. You are very welcome to join in.
    Didn't think it was hateful but it came that way when i made this thread. Sorry bout that

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    Circuit advertisement Need some help on originality and price!
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    Default Re: Need some help on originality and price!

    I made some very silly posts when I was 12 and I wish I just held my tongue and bought some reference books. For your birthday you should invest in some reference books instead of medals so misunderstandings like this dont happen.

    Cheers, Patrick

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    Default Re: Need some help on originality and price!

    There is no substitute for good manners and a sense of appreciation for what valuable information is provided here for free. Those who feel entitled and lack the most basic courtesy should find anoher source for their information.


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    Default Re: Need some help on originality and price!

    Hey Bas. I can understand where you are coming from. Sometimes post can be misunderstood very easily. However, I have re read both members post and can't see anything hateful. May I make a small suggestion as a young person myself? I have seem many people, included myself try in help you, yet still no thank you. Maybe thanking members who help you would be a good start to a successful relationship. One more thing, instead of posting real or fake threads, try researching the item first to see if you can learn on your own. I have been guilty of this myself, and have come to realize these type of post can be very annoying. Good luck buddy.

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