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new items..

Article about: Just search Medaille Für den Italienisch-Deutschen Feldzug in Afrika as this medal has been shown on the forum in the past The correct title for the other is German Horse Drivers Badge or De

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    Just search Medaille Für den Italienisch-Deutschen Feldzug in Afrika as this medal has been shown on the forum in the past

    The correct title for the other is German Horse Drivers Badge or Deutsches Fahrer-Abzeichen

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    thanks again,your always very helpful and nice

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    maybe you can help me on the value as i wanted to see how well i did at the aution .i got them all under $150 its always nice to know as i learned abought the black wound badge and its around $50 a best so i just took a little gamble as i never seen 3 out of the six badgs i won ..the patches i got at an atqiue store down the road from the aution so the patches were not included.thank you.. iam still only finding the one hores not the one like mine..

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    You did very well at $150. The Deutsches Fahrer-Abzeichen is worth more than that alone. They sell for about $200 to $250.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    ade,you made my day!iam so happy i took a gamble as i new nothing abought the horse badge or the other ones except the wound badges that is great news as i dont always do that good,!i cant find the horse badge anywere,i m just finding one horse and man,dont know how many there were,but it sure caught my eye as i said when i was bidding let me go another $50 sure glade. i did and if you have or know anymore on the one horse verses the two like mine please let me know if they are the same in everyway even value or mine is less in vale because of two hosrse?you would think two would mean more,,but dont know could be the other way around...thanks so much

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    Hi Pammy, your badge is for the carriage drivers badge. One for sale here:

    The one with the single horse is the Riders badge.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    your wonderful i thank you thats great and iam glade you told me not to clean it !!realy thanks again iam just so happy !! i realy like it before i new anything abought it but like it even more know!

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    can anyone help me find an original ribbon for the africa badge mine came with the eastern front ribbon..thank you guys realy would like to find not haveing it cuts the value in half or more?thanks again...
    Last edited by pammy; 05-05-2010 at 04:41 AM.

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    Quote by pammy View Post
    never seen this either
    Pammy, the 'Italian Campaign' medal goes for about
    $100 more or less these days.

    Regards, Steve.

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    thanks ,yeah i know as i was wandering if you or anyone knows were to find the right one?and lets say the badge with the original ribbon is $100 how much does it effect the value not haveing one?and if i find one how much am i looking to spend?thank you for your reply.

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