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nice find from work

Article about: always had this it is spot on in every way have a look anyway and compare

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    Default nice find from work

    always had this it is spot on in every way have a look anyway and compare
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    any one like to put this down then TELL u somthing u can not it bloody right as rain

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    The badge and the miniature look ok for me...
    but the case...IMO is not for BLOCKADE RUNNER , as you can see the gap where the pin assemble fit in is wider and longer...furthermore the shape of the case is rectangle not square, this case IMO is for LW badge?

    Just my little sence


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    hey guys,

    The badge looks great but I have to disagree, the case looks fine to me, or at-least compared to ones ive seen. It should be slightly rectangular with that little bit of a gap at the bottom where the clasp and pin set into the case. I'd still like to hear from the pros

    Best wishes,


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    Quote by dave View Post
    always had this it is spot on in every way have a look anyway and compare
    You have a very very nice piece there.

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    Default Re: nice find from work

    eric if u look at were the miniture is placed the box has been manufactured that way to acommidate the pin.Dous a luft award box have this?? imo the box was made for the blocade award and tie pin

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    Default Re: nice find from work

    Hi Dave, this looks like a nice original item. Who is the maker of this one?

    Hi Eric, was this the pattern of box you were thinking of which takes the large sized stick pin?

    I cannot say I can recall a Luftwaffe box which houses a stick pin? If Dave's case in not titled on the lid, I would say it is simply of of those generic items.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: nice find from work

    Hi Ade
    Yes, this is the case that I mentioned, Dave's case is my first time to counter with, but I might be wrong.....
    We need to know first that whether different makers with different cases' design or not.
    Cases for LW haven't had the pin loop design is for sure, however transforming/custom made is really easy to do...
    in addition, Ade's link remind me that the stick pin Dave showed here need to discuss, too thin pin and small.

    Close up pictures like badge and pin and the pattern of the case would really help


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    Default Re: nice find from work

    Adrian the maker is Schwerin and the box imo is not generic for other awards.This was made to house the bba and 9mm stick pin variant.The box has no designation on it its plain but it would not house imo anything else.
    Eric.The pin as mentioned above is the 9mm variant and the box has not been messed with.I have 2 of these boxes which both came with bba and 9mm pin but the person i got these of had swaped the pin and award for a iron cross but he kept the box to keep it in.Look on my other thread and u will sea another bba box and yes they are 2 seperate boxes if u look very closelly dave

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