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Ostmedaille ...real or fake?

Article about: Hi, the medal is original! But the pictures are too small to determine a manufacturer can. There must come better pictures. In Germany you get a medal in this state for 25 \\$ - 30\\$. I hope I

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    Default Ostmedaille ...real or fake?

    Hey Guys,

    First medal question:

    Is this real or fake?

    And if it's real, what's the market value?

    Much THX!


    Sellers pics:

    Ostmedaille ...real or fake?Ostmedaille ...real or fake?Ostmedaille ...real or fake?
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    Circuit advertisement Ostmedaille ...real or fake?
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    Default Re: Winter Campaign medal 1941 ...real or fake?

    Looks real enough to me, a bit of zinc bubbling but still some nice silver on the helmet.
    As for value probably between 35 and 45 give or take what someone is prepared to pat. is it maker marked?

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille ...real or fake?

    Looks good in terms of originality but poor in condition.

    I can't decide whether it is extreme zinc bubbling or if it's been dug up or kept in a damp shed.

    The condition should be reflected in the price so I would expect to pay less than a better kept example. I personally wouldn't buy it however when there are plenty of better pieces out there.

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille ...real or fake?

    Adrian, I tend to think that the condition is probably better than the photo's lead us to believe, The photo's are poor and on the examples I have seen the first thing that disappears on these medals if not kept reasonably is the silver wash on the helmet and around the rim.

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille ...real or fake?

    Thanks guys, the price of it is around 35 USD... I'm actually buying something else from this seller (not a medal), but I was wondering about his rep. - according to him, it's real...
    At least his 'word' is OK so far...

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille ...real or fake?

    In my humble opinion thats a reasonable price.

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille ...real or fake?

    Yes, I would agree that the price is fair for a piece in this apparent condition.

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille ...real or fake?

    Thanks again guys...
    I agree, these are really not good pics - I def. will consider getting this as my "first medal ever" - of any kind...

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille ...real or fake?

    I would have to disagree here to some extent.....the medal is genuine, of course, but the condition is terrible. You said the price was $35US? If it is coming From the States, then you have to factor in a considerable Postage cost as well. Personally, I think the ribbon is worth about as much as the medal itself, in this shape. I would not pay over $25 for it myself. Much better can be found-they are not rare or expensive.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Ostmedaille ...real or fake?

    I think 35 is a good price for the medal, it depends on the collector really some are looking for worn and some are looking for mint

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