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Posting your collection or prized pieces.

Article about: That steely gaze is quite intimidating!

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    Default Re: Posting your collection or prized pieces.

    Hi Guys,

    In my opinion, the concerns about posting collections are irrelevant to >90% of the membership. Sure if you have a £10,000-20,000 item, Dr. Moriarty may mastermind its theft for his personal collection, although he would then have to keep silent about it forever since everyone would know where it came from. Like someone stealing a Monet painting, etc.

    But most of us have individual items ranging in value from £10 to maybe £300 if we get adventurous, and if one is worried about such things you should be much more concerned about walking around with your £500 iPhone! Any common rogue looking for a quick fix isn't going steal some medals that are hard to re-sell other than to the rarified community of collectors, but will go for the usual cash, jewellery, electronics, etc. that appeal to "normal" people.

    Paranoia and living in fear should not limit the discourse and discoveries in our fine hobby which is much more esoteric and inexpensive a field than collecting cars and motorcycles.

    The broader question is not about posting our collections but rather should we be on the internet at all since it's true that informatics detectives can glean a lot about us, but as far as posting in the forums goes this is probably nothing compared to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn...

    I have no problem with someone choosing not to air their collection in public but it should be for their own personal privacy reasons, and not out of fear of theft.

    Best regards,
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    Default Re: Posting your collection or prized pieces.

    Having posted most of my collection on here and some other forums, I obviously have not considered it to be a problem, though I have no high end items in my collection, but it's total worth would be a fair bit. Each to their own, I say and it is entirely at the owners discretion as to post or not, for whatever reason or none at all. To quote the original movie version of the Producers, "if you got it, flaunt it", though that is purely my philosophy at this time and not one that anyone else need imitate.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: OFFICIAL RITTERKREUZ Thread!!!!!!!!!!!! Show em if you have em!!!!!

    Quote by Paul E View Post
    Adrian is of course quite correct tracing someone via the info they put out and leave behind on the internet can be quite easy if you know how , about 6 weeks someone joined this forum only to be able to pm me to ask if i was the one who owned the RK that i do actually own !! Ask yourself why he approached me considering i have never posted the RK on any forums and only my closest freinds and the person i obtained it from know i have it ?? Somebody has been playing internet Detective and despite not posting it anywhere etc i have obviously still left enough clues for someone to follow !!
    I must add that this post has nothing to do with the reason i haven't posted my RK i hadn't even thought about this until this thread came up and it wouldn't stop me posting pics if i wanted to , one of the reasons is that the Cross itself is is a standard micro and doesn't need to be put up for discussion or opinions , hundreds of examples can already be viewed on forums /dealers sites or in books . Plus i am not suggesting hat the person who contacted me did so for any reason other than an interest in the person to whom the Cross was awarded but as i don't know him at all one can never be 100% per cent sure , just posted to show that you can be tracked down via the net !!

    Keep calm and carry on !!


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    Default Re: Posting your collection or prized pieces.

    Quote by Stickgrenade View Post
    I have hired a couple of sentries for my door

    Natasha and Anya say hello !

    Nick, I had to unlike your post so I could like it twice. I really like your choice of sentries!

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    Default Re: Posting your collection or prized pieces.

    This thread is not working for me, I am stuck at page 4 while it clearly reads that it has five pages, but I cannot access the fifth page

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    Default Re: Posting your collection or prized pieces.

    And thus I cannot see what you respond to my post...

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    Default Re: Posting your collection or prized pieces.

    i believe having 20.000 euro and more car is more dangerous to be robed from a millitary collection .

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