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pricing fail?

Article about: Just let me know if the pricing is a little over the top at my local antique market.

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    Crazy price, i wouldnt be surprised if the guy turned out to be portuguese. Those are prices only found here, lol

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    Quote by Adrian View Post
    Good Lord! Who does he sell things priced like that to? Have you asked what else is included in the price? Does he realise how over priced it is?
    When i said it was overpriced,i wasn't sure whether it was priced in Euros,$'s or 's. Still,it doesn't matter. It's overpriced in all of them. Stewy

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    exactly its dollar but still rip off much???

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    haha lol

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    he could probably include the u boat gold badge with diamonds with that price

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    Wow what a nutty seller. I saw a guy selling Mai day tinnies for $500...

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    haha lol he was also selling a german police helmet that was pretty banged up with paint missing and a dacal missing for $475!

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    Im afraid i wouldnt be able hold my tongue, id have to say something and take proof into him as well, these are the sort of people who are ruining this hobby of ours, they are either plain ignorant re prices or know full well that its overpriced and that annoys me to the extent of verbally calling them out even if their shop is full of customers, ive done it before and i daresay ill do it again as i did at the War and Peace show in July

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    haha your awesome I totally agree with you on everything you said on that post. What was the thing that you called the guy out on

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    I'm afraid to imagine what he'd be asking for something actually Valuable.... William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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