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Recognizing the fakes

Article about: Hello Nick, I'm just beginning to explore the whole area of exploring German WWII badges, and obviously this area of the website - fakes - is invaluable to a beginner. I wonder if it is poss

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    Default Recognizing the fakes

    Hello Nick,

    I'm just beginning to explore the whole area of exploring German WWII badges, and obviously this area of the website - fakes - is invaluable to a beginner.

    I wonder if it is possible to explain, for each fake badge posted, how you can tell that the badge is a fake and not real, for example -
    1) are the makers names on badges wrong,
    2) are there areas wrongly copied (I just read about there being no space between an eagles claws and the swastika),
    3) is the colour or shape wrong,
    4) is the type of metal wrong (hard to determine froma picture - I agree).

    If expert eyes can spot these things and can explain along side each picture why it is a fake (or why a badge is genuine), this would be an invaluable resource for all.

    Kind regards,
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    Default Re: Flottenkriegsabzeichen Fake Gallery

    Thanks Nick that provide so much good fake example for us, but....
    Hmm.... I agree some point of view from Joey
    beginners need to be read more text books,

    First of all they need to familiar what original stuff looks like, and compare with fake one , so that they could understand what is " Poor Detail" that fake badges always be...

    Second, they must understand some part of manufacturers' characters, its trademarks, eagle head, painting finnish, pin assemble and so on....

    A lot of great awards text book shows how originals look like, they, however rarely present amount of fakes as a main content that's why I wrote my prospect above.

    Fake Gallery has its value in every forum, but as beginner they need to do homework first!!!!


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    Default Re: Recognizing the fakes

    Hi guys

    You are indeed right. It's very important to read a number of books on the subject. It's also very interesting to do a forum search here or on other forums to research a particular badge...


    Nick VR

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    Fred Green

    Default Re: Recognizing the fakes

    Greetings All,

    I thought I would bump this thread up!

    I collect Heer cloth insignia and wouldn't touch a German combat medal/award if it was throw at me due to my lack of knowledge on the subject. Lately a great selection of books have come out on the market that make Combat Award collecting much easier. The are not the cure-all but are a much needed reference in the awards area of collecting. Here are a few of the books I now find indespensible:

    "The War Merit Cross"by Gordan Williamson and Josef Charita
    "The Infantry Assault Badge"by Sascha Weber
    The Flak Badge"by Marc Garlasco
    The German Close Combat Clasp"by Thomas Durante
    The General Assault Badge"by Frank Heukemes

    They are by no means cheap, they are reference books! They have saved me from purchasing a fake Close Combat Clasp in Bronze,a fake Flak Badge, and a fake General Assault badge. By the way, I have only purchased 3 badges in the past 2 years.
    Just having books won't make you the expert either. "Hands on" inspection and handleing of individual pieces lets you put this book knowledge and a badge together so you can actually see what what is being discussed.
    You also need to have a buddy! Somebody to discuss militaria with and form opinions on stuff.My wife says she can only listen to so much!! A mentor is helpful if you don't take his word as Gospel and still do your own research.
    Do the research! It is actually fun to see if you can find the nice original piece that you are looking for in the sea of fakes out there. It is a fun hobby but come well armed!


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