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"Reichs luftschutz" pins

Article about: Hey guys, I got these two very random pins for free some time ago.. A knowledgeable friend of mine advised me that these are just fake/fantasy badges.. I don't believe they are of any value.

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    Default Re: "Reichs luftschutz" pins

    Nick, if your info comes from here, Two Luftschutz Pins - Militaria Forums
    I would just like to point out that two of the badges deemed good are in fact bad. see below, the H.A logo is incorrect. My sketch #1 shows logo on badges whilst #2 is how it should look, the "H" open ended. See the logo on one of my other badges.
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    The Air Spotter badge posted by Stug III in post #4 looks like an original, the real ones have a sky-blue sky, not a deep royal blue sky. Originals have a 5-digit ser. nr. on back @ the top, & below the pin-plate is : Ges.Gesch. & the maker name, J. (( Josef )) Preissler, of Pforzheim.

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    This is a very old thread i know, but some good questions are raised here, and i would also not mind learning more about these, because to be honest, what is printed about them in the 2010 Hüsken catalog just does not make sense to me. I will try and tell you why.

    On P.157 of his book, he has three badges next to each other, described as a,b,c versions, under the Title Reichsluftschutz, all valued between €150-250.-
    "Reichs luftschutz" pins

    First form - A white badge
    Second form - totally different design
    Third form - same design as form 1, but green instead of white.

    The colors dont make any sense to me here, and why have the other known colors been left out of this 2010 book? Namely the Blue version, and the Yellow version!
    There are actually 4 colored versions of this badge known.
    Green, White, Blue, Yellow
    "Reichs luftschutz" pins

    Now if all versions are Genuine (not the presented badges here, the suggestion that there were colorful ones) then why is there a strange design in the middle of versions 1 & 3?
    Why would a design be changed, then later be changed back? has this ever happened before with awards/badges? Not to my knowledge.


    "Reichs luftschutz" pins
    The only war time info i can find on this "strange" piggie-in-the-middle, is in the March 1944 edition of the DuZ, and here the badge is not referred to as "Reichsluftschutz-flugmeldedienst", (as it is captioned in the Hüsken book) but rather as: Luftnachrichtenhelferinnen.
    "Reichs luftschutz" pins

    I obviously dont have an deep interest the Luftschutz as such, so therefore know sweet diddly squat about the background info, - whether this dept. fell under "Reichsluftschutz-Flugmeldedienst" or not. (Maybe it even means the same thing?) Whether maybe these badges, which are of course period badges, but also heavily faked, were only worn by the females of that Dept. or whether it was as André Hüskens writes, that all versions were lumped together and for the same thing? Reichsluftschutz-Flugmeldedienst.

    Whether such a strange and colorful badge like those 4 above, ever existed, is something i wouldn't know about, i have always stayed well clear of these. I have the feeling that the more we try and find out the truth about all of these colorful badges and variants, that have all found their way into collectors books & cabinets, the more we wont like what we find out!

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    Default Re: "Reichs luftschutz" pins

    When did these badges first appear in the collector market? I ask the question as in the days of plenty, i never encountered one of these badges. I bought material from hundreds of vets and never saw one of these in their cigar box full of goodies. I am skeptical of these as is Jo.


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    thanks loads, bob and others; very interesting. dw

    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    When did these badges first appear in the collector market? I ask the question as in the days of plenty, i never encountered one of these badges. I bought material from hundreds of vets and never saw one of these in their cigar box full of goodies. I am skeptical of these as is Jo.

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    Bob, I too have bought from 100's of war veterans thruout the years; starting around 1957 or so, mostly from the newspaper ads I placed in the 60's up to now, & I have never ran across one of these badges either, via a veteran's grouping, ( am not speaking of that one with REICHS-LUFTSCHUTZ ). That doesn't mean they didn't exist. Years ago on the wehrmacht-awards forum, 18.Dec.2005, there were very clear pictures posted of these badges in wear by Luftwaffe female personnel on their ties. One of the pictures was in color with a lady wearing a Luft overseas cap with no cockade & with what looks like red piping. I believe the pics were from page 195 of George Forty's book "Germany at War", 2003, Carlton books. I made color copies of those pictures & they are in my file. I can send you copies via email, if I had your email.

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    Yes please let us all see them; many thanks.

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    I don't think I'm able to post pictures on this forum, ? otherwise I would have posted them already, that's why I told Bob I could send him the pics via email for him to post. I can send the pics to anyone on the forum if I had their email. I see that the 'Germany at War" book is available from Amazon.

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    hi TriskelSonne.
    may i be bold enough to ask you if i can send you a PM with my e-mail adress so i can get the pictures you are talking about?
    i am thinking about buying the one at german war booty?!!

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    bittaker,,,, yes you sure can send me a PM,,, I'll be glad to send you the pictures.

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