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Article about: I'd appreciate comments on the authenticity of this Reichsnährstand medal, which I am thinking of buying. I was slightly hesitant because the medal seems to have defects on the left wing of

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    I have to say that it's unusual, but I very much Like it. The construction and materials look period and good and I cannot imagine why anyone would go to the trouble and expense of counterfeiting an obscure and inexpensive medal in the first place. The design, in any case, is very interesting and if you don't decide to purchase it, let me know-I would be interested in it!

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    John Angolia published a book "For Fuhrer and Fatherland,Political & Civil Awards of the Third Reich" and it reflects a number of these by German State - yours is marked for Hessen Nassau and has a green ribbon, he indicates that the green ribbon was for East Prussia,also the detail of those shown in the book are far superior to the one you show.

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    Quote by Horst View Post
    John Angolia published a book "For Fuhrer and Fatherland,Political & Civil Awards of the Third Reich"
    Horst, thank you for comments and the details of Angolia's book, which I shall add to my ever-lengthening wants list. I had been thinking of getting Angolia and Littlejohn's "Labor Organizations of the Reich", as I understand that it includes a section on the RNS. I wonder if you have this book as well, and, if so, could say how its coverage compares?


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    Phil- Yes , I also have this book and here he covers a complete chapter relative to the RNS with lots of pictures etc - He does indicate in this book that he thinks that all ribbons were possibly green no matter what German state, hes not sure and I think that there were other colors - for example I have a medal that I obtained years ago with a ribbon with black/red/white so whos to say- the only thing that stays consistent is the detail on all medals/ awards.
    My medal is Gilt in color and on the front was issued by the Rheinland Hauptabteilung II, the reverse reads "Fur Leistung in Weinbau"( For achievement in wine growing).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    "He who hesitates is lost - is not only lost but miles from the next exit"

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    Hi Horst, thanks for information on "Labor Organizations of the Reich", which I must order soon.

    Nice to see the medal and other badges too. I rather like the Erbhof pamphlet which you have there. I recently treated myself to one of the cast iron Erbhof signs, which I wanted as it's so evocative of Walther Darré's ideas of Blut und Boden. I recently reread Anna Bramwell's biography of Darré, which is excellent on his rise and fall and of his vision of a Germany refashioned around the peasantry.


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    Phil - I had the opportunity a number of years ago to visit what was left of the pilot Reichsnahrtstand bauernhof located outside of the Koln area - there were still some of the buildings and front gate remaining - guess by today these are all gone or being used by the locals.

    I guess one of these days someone will research and publish a detailed reference about this outfit - Not really into the RNS but Political Leader regalia so one day my RNS items will go up for sale/trade.

    "He who hesitates is lost - is not only lost but miles from the next exit"

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