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Reichsnährstand Medal

Article about: I'd be grateful for any comments about a Reichsnährstand medal that I am thinking of buying. I'm afraid that the photos from the vendor aren't great, but I'd appreciate any opinions as to wh

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    Default Reichsnährstand Medal

    I'd be grateful for any comments about a Reichsnährstand medal that I am thinking of buying.

    I'm afraid that the photos from the vendor aren't great, but I'd appreciate any opinions as to whether this is a genuine item. I imagine that it wouldn't be worth faking such an obscure (and not much desired) decoration but who knows?

    My belief is that the ribbon is incorrect (Olympic Games medal?) and wonder if anyone can say what the correct one would be. A quick look on the net shows several completely different ribbons on similar although probably not identical decorations.

    With thanks,


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    I don't know enough regarding these medals but for what I see, i would say that thise medal has a bad finish and seems casted.
    Again I can not compare to any original!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Reichsnahrstand medaille

    Attachment 584146

    The specimen you posted exhibits rather strange finish and lacks definition. As already mentioned by our colleague above it is probably a cast reproduction. Picture included for comparison will hopefully help make your decision and answer your query about the ribbon of this award.
    Wonderful awards that are long overdue for an in-depth research.
    Picture credit: Leipziger Münzhandlung und Auktion Heidrun Höhn
    Good luck in your search.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Gau Ehrenzeichen Collector

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    Many thanks to Kris and Matt for their comments, which confirmed the feeling that I had. I'll leave this one!

    As Matt suggests, there doesn't seem to be any solid research about these items (or the numerous table medals given as prizes for quality of produce - butter etc.) available.


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    the ribbons wrong as well.

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    I'd be very grateful for comments on another Reichsnährstand medal, this time a bronze one issue by Landesbauernschaft Wesrfalen for services to breeding ("Für züchterische Leistungen"). My feeling is that this is an honest item and in fairly good condition, except for some traces of oxidisation or perhaps old metal polish.

    I noted that the Reichsnährstand eagle is quite different with respect to its wing plumage from the medal posted by Kevin Grootaers on a different thread ( The eagle on the medal below is much more like the form of the Reichsnährstand eagle seen generally (ie publications, table medals etc.). However, I'd imagine that they are local variations, given that each Landesbauernschaft seems to have issued its own medals of this sort. Incidentally, I noticed what seemed to me a cast fake of the same type as Kevin's for sale by a dealer, which - if I am correct - is more proof that even these obscure and relatively inexpensive things cannot be assumed to be genuine.

    Regards, Philip

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    Wonderful original example IMO.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Gau Ehrenzeichen Collector

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    Thank you Matt - I decided to get it.


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