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Ribbon bar

Article about: Any guesses as to what the missing ribbon could've been?

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    Default Ribbon bar

    Any guesses as to what the missing ribbon could've been?
    Ribbon barRibbon barRibbon bar

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    Circuit advertisement Ribbon bar
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    Default Re: Ribbon bar

    could it be KVK2?

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    Default Re: Ribbon bar

    I would agree with above, unless possibly a Okt or annex medal was there (if it fits the timeframe)

    all the best,

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    Armed Forces, Police and Official Uniforms

    For the armed forces, the dress code of all branches of the services will be standard.

    For parade and dress uniforms only certain Orders and decorations will be worn. These are:

    a) German pre-war, war and post-war decorations, except the Order of St. John
    b) War decorations from former allied countries
    c) Honour awards of the National Socialist movement
    d) The SA Defence Badges
    e) Authorised Sports Badges
    f) Foreign Orders

    When not on active service, other authorised Orders and decorations may be worn.

    The dress code defines the manner for wear as follows:
    a) Neck Orders:
    The highest war Orders are worn above peace Orders, arranged by free choice
    b) Decorations without ribbons:
    At uppermost are the war decorations, wound badges, Silesian Eagle, Baltic Cross; next the honour awards of the NSDAP, next the peace decorations, followed by sports badges.
    c) Decorations with ribbons:
    worn on the left breast in the following order from right to left:

    1. Iron Cross 1939 or 1914

    2. War Merit Cross with or without swords

    3. Honuor Badge of the German Social Services with swords on the ribbon

    4. Medal for German Social Services with swords on the ribbon

    5. Medal for Winter Campaign in the East 1941/42

    6. War Merit Medal

    7. House Order of Hohenzollern

    8. Red Eagle Order 3rd or 4th Class with swords

    9. Crown Order 3rd or 4th Class with swords

    10. Austrian Military Maria Theresa Order

    11. Austrian Leopold Order with the war decoration

    12. Bavarian Military Max Joseph Order

    13. Bavarian Military Medical Order

    14. Saxon Military St. Henry Order

    15. Wurtemberg Military Merit Order

    16. Baden Military Karl Friedrich Merit Order

    17. Prussian Golden Military Merit Cross

    18. Prussian Military Honouyr Award 1st and 2nd Class
    on a black-white or a white-black ribbon

    19. Austrian Golden Bravery Medal

    20. Bavarian Golden and Silver Bravery Medal

    21. Saxon Golden Medal of the St. Henry Order

    22. Wurtemberg Golden Military Merit Medal

    23. Baden Military Karl Friedrich Merit Medal

    24. Other German Orders and decorations for merit in the World War in precedence of their class and, when the same class, by date of award.

    25. Honour Cross for the World War

    26. Austrian War Commemorative Medal

    27. War Commemorative Medal 1864, Commemorative Cross 1866, War Commemorative 1870/1871

    28. Austrian War Medal

    29. Southwest Africa Campaign Medal, Colonial Campaign Medal and the China Campaign Medal

    30. Silesian Eagle, Kärtner Cross and Tirol Commemorative Medal

    31. Life Saving Medal with ribbon

    32. Long Service Awards of the Armed Forces (Austrian Military Service Badge)

    33. Other State decorations and awards of the NSDAP showing the higher grades first or if within the same grade level the earliest date of the award received takes precedence.

    34. German Olympic Honour Decorations

    35. Medal to Commemorate March 13, 1938

    36. Medal to Commemorate October 1, 1938

    37. Medal to Commemorate the Return of the Memel Region

    38. German West Wall Medal

    39. German Olympic Commemorative Medal

    40. Honour Badge of the German Red Cross

    41. Orders and decorations of former German States' rulers in the higher classes or if within the same class level the earliest date of the award received takes precedence.

    42. Foreign Orders and decorations in the proper sequence of their receipt
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    Default Re: Ribbon bar

    Thanks, Ade!

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    Default Re: Ribbon bar

    Could not be KVKII - KVKII would be second place. I was thinking a foreign award,
    as the Westwall is usually last place on TR bars. A good candidate might be the
    Romanian 'Crusade Against Communism' Medal.........


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